Bring On The Night: 10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas To Usher In 2022!

Last updated on December 29th, 2021

While the last two years might have been the craziest ever, there are tons of things worth celebrating as we bid goodbye to the year we are leaving behind!

No matter how last-minute your NYE party is, you can never go wrong with glittery decorations, a sexy outfit, mouth-watering appetizers, and lots of champagne. And whether your celebration is small with just close friends and family, or a larger one planned with everyone you know, here are 10 fabulous NYE party ideas you just can’t go wrong with! Omicron is on the rise – just remember to celebrate responsibly.

1. A New Year’s Resolution jar

What’s a new year without resolutions (you can’t keep!). Keep a jar with colorful blank pieces of paper and have everyone pick a piece of paper, think about their New Year’s Resolutions, and write them down.

Give folks the option of sharing what they wrote or keep theirs away in their pocket or purse.

2. Plan party games

Google a few fun party game ideas and get the rules and props ready. There’s nothing more fun than laughing your guts out as everyone tries their hand at winning the goofy games you’ve planned as if they were nothing short of the world cup!

3. Create a countdown wall with clocks

How’s that for some Instagram-ready decor! The countdown happens to be the heart of a New Year Celebration and this cool backdrop isn’t just easy to create, but gives your guests a fantastic way to capture and remember the funnest new year party they’ve ever been to!

4. How can there be no drinking games?

Apart from the fun team games that folks of all ages can play, try something like the “Drink If” game. There are scores of ideas available on the internet to fill out the cards you’ll create. Customizing the tasks to suit your group is a great idea, and will make sure everyone present gets a bit tipsy!

5. Have everyone share highlights of their year

A lot happens in a year and what better time than NYE to reflect on it and share what you feel about it. Encourage everyone to share their most special moments and set the right tone to welcome the new year and bid goodbye to the old!

6. Lights, music, and dance!

Get your guests’ favorite party numbers and create a long playlist. And this one’s kinda self-explanatory! Clear some space, add a few disco lights and let everyone let their hair down and dance away to their favorite numbers!

7. Get party noisemakers for everyone!

How can a New Year’s Eve party be complete without noisemakers? Make sure everyone has their’s handy when the clock strikes twelve!

8. Keep Confetti-poppers ready

And…if you don’t mind having a glittery mess to clean up on your very first day of the New Year, throw in a good number of confetti poppers around and let people ring in the new year with loud pops and bits of gold raining down on them!

9. Make a photo-booth station your guests won’t forget

When you know everyone will be clicking tons of pictures, why not give them a great backdrop to do it against, right?
And a photo booth station isn’t as hard to set up as you think. All you need are foil curtains, balloons, and loads, and loads of creativity. And use the internet to download and print a few FUN props for your guests to use.

10. Invest in sparklers!

And last, but not least, give everyone a sparkler to light when the clock strikes twelve and everyone is ready to step into the new year! And did we tell you, sparklers go very well with champagne toasts?

We are sure that with these ideas, your party is sure to make a splash!

Have the happiest New Year, folks!