Decor Overdrive? 5 Over-The-Top Habits To Kick

Last updated on November 15th, 2023

Sometimes it’s hard to stop when we have a good thing going. We go over-the-top with our fripperies, whether it is fashion or home decor. The results are predictably disastrous. Your home decor look bites the dust before you place the last cushion on your sofa. So, how do you know when to stop? Or which habits are cliched?

To put it simply, your home is supposed to be a soothing environment. If the decor overwhelms you, you know you need to make a few adjustments. While some may be simple, others will need a bit of work. But, how do you know what’s what? Let’s find out.

1. The over-decorating pitfall

If you are in the habit of browsing through umpteen design websites, chances of going on an over-decorating spree are very high. One of the most disastrous faux pas is using too much of a good thing around the house. A good example is the polka dot trend. While a couple of cushions will do the trick, using the dots on your wallpaper, the upholstery, and the cushions can be a bit much. If you feel in a tizzy after a few minutes in the room, you know things have gone drastically wrong.

How do you fix it?

  • Leave a few polka-dot features in the room and switch to plain colors in other areas.

  • The same goes for terrazzo or Moroccan tiles. Moderation is the key!

2. Rigidity in styling

Everything need not be just so. If you have a rustic theme going, adding a few modern pieces can elevate the look. After all, the greatest designs have a surprising element or two in the mix. When you follow the dictates of trends too closely, your home may resemble a catalog and lack warmth.

How do you fix it?

  • The traditional chest you inherited from your grandpa may be just the thing for your modern look.

  • A vintage piece in your contemporary decor will add an interesting touch to your decor.

3. Accent overload

An accent is something that is the focal point of your decor. Accents can be a dramatic wall, a mural, or a unique rug. However, things can get a bit tricky when you add a classy winged back chair in a vibrant print, jostling for attention with the dramatic Moroccan rug. The wall plates you bought in Italy don’t stand a chance! Let’s face it, there can only be so many accents in a space!

How do you fix it?

  • Use not more than one or two accents in your room. If you have drama going on your accent wall, let the other pieces play a subdued balancing act.

4. The bane of monotony

Your room needs to breathe. If all the walls have some activity going on, it will be as

suffocating as the Mumbai local in peak hours. So, relax. You don’t have to fill up all the space with furniture or artwork. This will give you relief from monotony.

How do you fix it?

If you have a built-in unit for your TV, leave the rest of the space free of furniture. The same goes for your couch. Since you have a three-seater, opt for comfy chairs to compliment the couch. Play with variables, whether it is color, space, or materials.

5. Style hotch-potch

You may love an eclectic decor, but that doesn’t mean everything will match with your decor. If you have a Japandi decor going, your Sankeda sofa is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

How do you fix it?

  • Mixing styles is not an easy act to pull off and you may need to consult a professional. But, by and large, avoid too much experimentation.

Last words

Professionals put in years of hard work to be where they are. And while it’s easy to pull off a standard decor, mixing styles and understanding the finer nuances of design takes some doing. For expert advice, our pool of designers will be glad to give their advice. Just log in to today.