Design Secrets 16-20: Learn Them Before You Turn 30!

Last updated on August 11th, 2021

Trial and error. That’s how we homo-sapiens learn things. But there’s another, better way to learn. Care to guess what it is?

Yes, from other peoples’ experiences. Here’s what design experts from across the globe have learned the hard way. Read on to make sure you don’t! And if you haven’t read the three other posts in this series, here’s the first one, the second one, and the third one.

16. Remember – colors lend their energy to spaces

Colors can be powerful things. And the bolder they are, the more energy they generate. Why else do you think rooms with bold colors seem to give off a strong vibe and energy?

Use colors in different rooms of your home to create the right feeling. Coloring your bedroom blue, for instance, is known to be calming and relaxing, whereas orange used in a kitchen is known to stir up hunger.

It’s a good idea to give neutrals a pass this year. We can all do with a boost in spirits, don’t you think?

17. Use the age-old rule of 3s

This is one rule most décor experts swear by – the rule of 3s. And you can use it, when decorating with accessories, to make sure you don’t end up displaying too many or too few pieces.

Restrict the number of elements in a display to 3 and trust us, you can hardly ever go wrong with this number. It’ll give that perfectly cohesive look to your display without looking cluttered or too busy on the eyes.

18. Start investing in art ASAP

Wherever you live, you’ll have walls around you to decorate. So why wait until later in life to start investing in art? If something catches your eye and seems just right for the space you call home, grab it. Artwork, as it happens, is a costly affair. The sooner you start curating it, the better your collection can be.

19. Take those décor risks

There are a few calculated risks you’ll need to take in your décor journey – whether it involves an artwork that’s making too much of a statement or a paint color that’s tending towards being too bold. Just remember, if you are aiming for spectacular results, a few risks are worth taking.

Go right ahead and take those chances. Décor shouldn’t just be pretty. It should spark joy in you every time you look at it!

20. 180 degree turns are absolutely okay to take

You might start the décor process with a certain picture in mind. But nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to creativity. And it is okay if, in the middle of the decorating process, something sparks a completely different idea warranting a total change of direction.

Just trust your gut and run with the idea. And never be afraid to make changes along the way.

Here’s to creating beautiful spaces, one refreshing idea at a time!