Life Hacks: 5 Nail Paint Hacks that will make your Life Easy!

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

What do you use nail colors for? Of course, to paint nails with!

But have you ever thought that the same humble nail paint, that your cosmetics shelf has about 100 bottles of, can make your life easier in many other ways too? Right from threading a needle to preventing nickel allergies, this magic liquid has many hidden super-powers! Interested? Read on to know more.

1.  Protect Your Costume Jewelry

Courtesy: Glimpse

Have you ever had your costume jewelry turning green or getting tarnished after coming in contact with sweat and water. Just apply a thin layer of clear nail paint on all surfaces of your jewelry that come in contact with the skin to keep it from getting tarnished. Not only does the nail paint protect your jewelry, but it also protects your skin from any nickel sensitivity that often causes a rash, and in some cases, even infections.

2. Secure an Envelope

Courtesy: Good Housekeeping

Use clear nail paint instead of your saliva to secure an envelope. Nail paint is a great adhesive and seals the envelope way better than saliva can.

3. Thread a Needle

Courtesy: Ritely

We’ve all been there. Trying in vain to thread a needle with the end of the thread going all soft. Next time, try applying some nail paint onto the end of the thread which will make it stiff, and it’ll easily go through the eye of the needle

4. Waterproof Match Sticks

Courtesy: Youtube

Applying nail paint to the tips of the matchsticks makes them water-proof! This way you’ll never have to worry about them getting soaked on your days outdoors.

5. Smoothen Splintered Furniture Ends

Courtesy: Ritely

A splintered furniture edge can be dangerous and cannot be left alone. Smoothen the edge with a nail file, and apply several think coats of clear nail paint on it. It’ll not cause any more harm.