5 Great Reasons To Have A Dresser In The Bedroom

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023

Dressers have an old-world charm that is unbeatable. Reminiscent of the Tudor era, these wonderful storage units were used for crockery display in those days. Over the years, the dresser has gone through many changes. Today, this furniture piece is quintessentially the same and has gained popularity as a handy storage unit for your smaller garments and knicks and knacks.

Granted, wardrobes are a bedroom essential. But dressers too can play a vital role, as they can be designed to fit into small nooks or dead spaces that have no other function. So, what makes a dresser a desirable addition to your bedroom? Let’s find out.

1. They Make the Perfect Dressing Tables

Most times, your vanity drawers don’t have enough space to store the latest makeup purchases in your overflowing drawers. Another matter is finding room for other essentials such as medicines, first aid kits, and stationery. That makes a chest of drawers that doubles up as a dresser so desirable. Once you add a mirror on the top, you are good to go. For a complete view, add a standalone mirror. That means you add style and functionality to your cozy room with a single addition.

2. Perfect for Side Tables

Chests of drawers make lovely side tables. A low dresser doubling as a side table adds charm to your space. What’s more, you don’t need to be symmetrical. Let the dresser lord it over on one side of the bed. Use old chests or piled-up trunks as a side table on the other side of the bed to add drama. Don’t forget an attractive vintage lamp for your bedside dresser. Quirky light fittings on the wall will work too.

Also, if you have an ungainly nook in your room, you can spruce up the décor by putting a dresser in the niche. You get extra storage, and your room will also gain dimension and charm, especially when you place artwork or plants on the top.

3. Add Drama

To add a quirky element to your décor, a painted dresser is just the thing. This storage unit is not only functional but can dramatically change the look of your bedroom. Depending on your taste and décor, a glossy polish or a distressed look will work just as well.

You can tweak the height of the dresser for a dainty look. For a bigger room, a larger unit will do just fine. To take it to the next level, hand-painted dressers will give your room a country vibe. Vintage porcelain knobs are a great addition, as are tiny brass knockers. Patterned wallpaper and potted plants will fit right in with this decor.

4. Perfect for Nurseries and Kids’ Rooms

Dressers are the ideal furniture piece for your kids’ room. With your children’s books, toys and a variety of garments, there is plenty of room in your dresser for all of this and more. For the nursery, add a dresser that doubles up as a changing table. Make sure the height of your dresser is comfortable for changing the baby. The drawers below can be used for diapers, wet wipes, toys and swaddling blankets so that they are within easy reach. The best part is you can add this quaint wonder to your room without disturbing the decor.

5. As Window Seating

Dressers make fantastic window seats. All you need to do is add a thin mattress and cushions on the top to make it fun. The drawers underneath are ideal for your excess storage.

A chest of drawers next to your easy chair is a great option, too, if you want to take your room decor to the next level. For a vibrant vibe, opt for patterns on your cushions that match your room color scheme. And hey, add a gorgeous throw rug to the decor while you are at it.

Final Words

Dressers are versatile storage units that can be used in several ways. The trick is to find the perfect place for your dresser so as not to crowd the room. To get the look right, you can always contact us not only for ideas for your bedroom but also for other decor suggestions.Homebliss.in is the place where the action is!