6 Ways To Rock A Display

Last updated on July 14th, 2023

We have heard it all. How to decorate with plants, what to do with your shelving unit, or how to amp up your coffee table look. These tips have been doing the rounds for a while now and for a unique touch, you need to give your story an interesting twist. This doesn’t mean that you need to hunt for quirky decor paraphernalia.

You can get a unique look by using the same old ideas with a different approach. So, how do you go about it? Let’s find out.

1. Do it with Plants

Umpteen articles will tell you plants are great for home decor. But, it’s all in the color and the placement. Sometimes, it’s so easy, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it. What can be simpler than a single white lily plant in bloom against a blue backdrop? A small metal or wood stand is the perfect balance for this look.

And, have you ever thought of using open drawers for your plants? These may be a bit dicey, so you can try artificial plants instead. Low tables, interesting cast iron receptacles, and wickerwork can rock your plant look when handled artistically.

2. Rock it with Shelves

Shelves are one of the “been there, done that items” that are common in homes and most interior design websites. So, why not give this a unique flavor? Well, you can try to fashion your shelves into wall niches, for astoundingly beautiful decor. A bright red wall color and a peach sofa are a perfect match. To take this look forward, try an arched recessed niche for your shelves. A white lamp or planter are great add-ons. This look can work with any color scheme. For symmetry, you can go for a pair of recessed shelving units. To make it interesting, paint the niche in a different color.

3. The Magic of Wall Art

The best way to make your wall art stand out is to give it a home on a paneled wall. The panels add depth to the artwork and frame them beautifully. Or you can opt for the no-wall art look. It’s amazing what you can achieve by doing nothing. A magnificent gray living room with a blank gray wall is classy and doesn’t need embellishment. But hey, don’t forget to add a classy chandelier!

4. Go Rustic

There is nothing quite like exposed brick and black metal to add charm to your decor. But, it doesn’t end there. Play with textures; this can be the timeless beauty of polished leather, a faux fur rug, and old-world metal artifacts. Animal art frames on the wall add to the appeal of the space.

5. Find Your Balance

Balancing your look is an art. It’s about playing with size, texture, and numbers. Yes, placement too is important. Wall art on your console looks more becoming when you add a tall plant on the console. And to balance the look, add a small artifact to the decor.

Metal is trending. And to get it right, make sure you have a bit on the ceiling in the form of a chandelier, to balance the metal frame on your table. Bronze pots and bowls will add to this elegant style statement.

6. Get Your Foyer Equation Right

The foyer is the first port of call for your visitor. Getting it right is vital as first impressions are lasting. Most homes will have a standard fare of console tables, mirrors, and a lamp. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

It can be gigantic cement plant holders in the lobby. Or mirrors in sports racquets for quirky wall decor. If these are not possible, a magnificent jade or teal unit in the doorway is inspirational enough.

Our Thoughts

Home decor websites have oodles of interesting ideas for you to work with. But taking inspiration from them, you need to find a path that not only reflects your personality but adds an intriguing twist to your decor. The best part is, it’s heartening to have friends admire your handiwork when you have them over.

For inspiration, try Homebliss.in, one of the most popular websites on the internet. And why is that surprising? We think out of the box!