Cabinet Economy: 11 Genius Tactics To Trimming The Fat Off Your Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Last updated on September 12th, 2023

A kitchen revamp doesn’t come cheap. And when you have a large space, the cost of the cabinetry can be forbidding. The thought of cutting back on a streamlined look can throw you off your game.

But hey, things are not as bad as they seem. You can have a gorgeous kitchen at a fraction of the cost when you plan it right. It’s all in the details. Check out these genius ideas to make your kitchen look as good as new!

1. Big Doesn’t Mean Expensive

A quaint little cabinetry in your kitchen can add a gorgeous touch. However, these little niches are labor-intensive, and you will need more wood, handles, and hinges. Instead, opt for a couple of large cabinets, following the section lines you used under your countertop.

2. Simplify

Fancy handles, beading details, and hinges may seem like a small thing, but when you add them up, they can cost a bomb. Instead, go for plain cabinetry with simple, functional handles. Drawers are handy for your cooking tools and spoons. However, going overboard with them will cost a lot more. So stick to the basics.

3. Customize Your Shutters

The display of gorgeous cabinet shutters can cause heartache when you can’t afford them. However, all is not lost. Ask your vendor to customize your cabinets as per your requirements. Once you cut down on the frills, you will find they are quite affordable. If you are lucky, your vendor will slash the price if the pattern isn’t popular.

4. What about the Handles?

The price of handles can vary depending on the size and material used. Pick handles that are appealing and pocket-friendly. A tall order, we know. But if you look hard enough, you will find something that suits your needs.

5. A Coat of Paint

If your laminate has seen better days, a coat of paint will make it look as good as new. Make sure to get an experienced contractor to do the job so that the paint doesn’t peel off with weather changes.

6. How about Free-Standing Furniture?

Once your countertop and lower cabinetry are in place, you can use a medley of furniture to spice up your space. This can be vintage cabinets from flea markets, wooden cabinets, or shelves. If you look hard enough, you will probably find some interesting pieces in your home, too.

7. Make an Island

You may have old tables or stools lying around the house. Repurposing them as kitchen islands with storage isn’t rocket science. All you need is a slab of stone or wood on top to make it interesting.

8. Let Your Shelves Do the Job

Open shelves are stylish and functional, as you can reach for your pots and pans easily when you are cooking. Rails, hooks, and fancy shelving units will give you a magnificent look at half the cost. But hey, you will have to clean the dust and grime off your pots and pans at least once a month for a pristine look.

9. Hang Them Up

Let your pans hang from interesting wooden beams or hooks for a farmhouse kitchen. This look spells style and functionality, something we all want in our spaces.

10. Use a Butcher’s Block as Your Island

This contraption gives you space to prep for a meal, and you get storage underneath too. And if you have castors underneath, it can play the role of a trolley when you have friends over.

11. Accessorize Your Kitchen

Simple cabinetry can be a downer when you want a fancy kitchen. However, accessories such as an herb garden, basketry, interesting wall art, and a lovely backsplash can give you the kitchen you desire.

Our Thoughts

Designing on a budget need not be challenging. And once you use these tips to revamp your kitchen, you will find that it satisfies your creative itch without stretching your budget strings. We, at, love challenges and quirky design hacks. Log in, and you are sure to find inspiration.