Everything You Need To Know About Storage Beds

Last updated on March 2nd, 2023

Why pick a storage bed?

In urban areas, small apartments are the norm, and finding space for your essentials can get challenging, especially when seasons change. Every inch counts and the space under your bed is perfect for storing bulky jackets, quilts and winterwear. What’s more, with these items out of the way, you can free closet space for your clothes.

There are many storage bed options to choose from. To get an idea about what suits your needs best, you need to understand the pros can cons of each. Let’s dive in!

Types of storage beds

There are a variety of storage beds available in different sizes and colours to suit your needs. The popular options are:

–Box storage beds: These beds have shutters under the mattress. All you need to do is lift the mattress to access the storage compartment.

–Hydraulic bed technology: These beds have easy-to-access storage as the hydraulic mechanism completely opens the compartment without any effort.

–Storage beds with drawers: Storage beds with drawers either in the front or the side of the bed are a convenient storage space for quilts, pillows and winter wear.

–Headboard storage beds: Beds with storage in the headboard are ideal for night lamps, books, medication and spectacles.

Why does a storage bed make sense?


If you are running a house, you know there is no such thing as too much storage space. Let’s check out the main advantages:

–A standard bed can be around 6’3” by 5’ 6”, give or take a few. That’s a lot of space. So, whether you go for drawers or storage under the bed, you can put all your extras in it and rest easy.

–Once the non-essentials are packed in your bed storage, you don’t need extra furniture to store your stuff, and there is more room to move around.

–With a storage bed, you don’t have to worry about suitcases and trunks above cupboards or under the bed.

Is there a downside?

–Most mattresses are bulky and unmanageable. So, even if your bed has a hydraulic system, it isn’t easy to lift the mattress. This is especially true if you live alone or are getting on in years.

–The added weight of the storage bed makes it cumbersome, and it’s not easy to move around. Cleaning under the bed is a difficult exercise, and if you are constantly moving homes, it isn’t practical.

–The hinges and handles will need maintenance, especially in damp weather. Where pullout drawers are concerned, the channels will need oiling to keep the track smooth. Also, over time, they may need replacement.

–The cost of your bed will escalate with the extra wood, the hydraulic system, and the channels for the drawers.

What’s best for excess storage?

While pullout drawers look pretty and are very easy to use, they don’t have as much room for storage as a hydraulic bed. Beds with headboard storage are practical but don’t give much storage space either.

Which storage bed is easy to use?

One of the most practical storage solutions is a bed with pullout drawers. They are easy to use no matter your age. What’s more, unlike the hydraulic bed, you don’t have to strain your back moving the heavy mattress.

Headboard storage is ideal for a small room as you will not need side tables to keep your paraphernalia at night.

Compact bed storage solutions in a gist

With space restrictions around your bed, drawers are not a practical solution as they need space to pull out. Moreover, using them will not be easy if you don’t have room to manoeuvre. In such cases, hydraulic storage is a better bet.

What’s your best bet for a clutter-free room?

Whether it’s a hydraulic bed with storage or pull-out drawers, you will get a clutter-free look as you will have more room in your wardrobe. And, as the pull-out drawers can house your quilts and blankets, you don’t have to deal with folded blankets on the bed in the daytime.

Last thoughts

A storage bed can make life a lot easier. Apart from the extra space, you get a clutter-free environment. Deciding on the right bed is the easy part. For bedroom décor tips, log in to homebliss.in for some interesting ideas.