Lanai: Everything You Need To Know About This Newest Addition To Outdoors The World Over

Last updated on June 14th, 2023

While nothing compares to a tropical trip, sometimes you don’t need to go very far to feel like you’re relaxing in paradise. If you reside in a warm climate, you may be considering how to make the most of your home’s outdoor living space and whether a lanai is the perfect choice for you.

The basic definition of a lanai and how it differs from a patio, porch, and veranda are explained below. We also go through the advantages of incorporating a lanai into your house and the various uses for one, whether you want to use it for entertaining guests or just need a place to unwind after a long day at work.

So, what’s a Lanai?

A kind of outdoor room towards the rear of a home that is encased with screens or openings to keep bugs and debris out,” according to the dictionary, is a lanai. In Hawaii, the word “lanai” first appeared. Because they offer a way to enjoy the fresh air without being plagued by insects because they provide protection as well as shade from the sun, lanais are famous in warm and tropical areas. However, lanais are not usually completely enclosed by screens; frequently, one wall is left open and accessible to the elements.

Some of the pros of Lanais are that they can be enjoyed throughout the year’s several seasons, bridging the divide between interior and outdoor living. Another one is that a Lanai is capable of being furnished with furniture such as couches, tables and chairs, and even a TV.

Some of the cons, on the other hand, are that they are best in warmer regions in which they can be truly enjoyed to the fullest extent. Some folks might want an outdoor living area that is more understated and doesn’t have the same design requirements as a living or family room.

Patio, Veranda, Porch, and Lanai — let’s learn the differences!

You might be asking how a lanai differs from, say, a screened patio, given the wide variety of outdoor living areas available. Remember that although they belong to the same basic family, lanais, porches, patios, and verandas have diverse qualities. While porches and patios are often smaller areas placed in the front, rear, or side of a property, a veranda can go around the entire structure.

However, a lanai is intended to serve as an “outdoor room” and is more of an “indoor/outdoor hybrid” place. In addition, because they are mainly enclosed, lanais are made to be used for a longer period of the year. Your summer, spring, and early fall spaces are whatLanais are for!

Why you should consider a Lanai for your house

A lanai is a great alternative for your house if you like to spend time outside or just need more space to congregate and unwind. A lanai offers the best authentic indoor/outdoor living experience in a very cozy environment. By increasing the “livable” square footage, you’ll have more room for socializing, unwinding, and even working. Even if your house isn’t very big, you could have room to grow and add a lanai so that you can host visitors more easily.

How to make use of your Lanai

Consider a lanai as a type of outdoor family room. What better excuse to decompress after a hard day at work than to enter your indoor-outdoor hybrid area and unwind with a good dinner, a TV show, a good book, or all three? The ideal place for families to hang together. A television and furniture characteristic of an indoor living room is frequently found on Lanais. Even a dining table fit for hosting can be seen in the lanai shown above, and vibrant artwork is displayed on the walls. The presence of a television in a space that almost feels like an outside space is simply so opulent. Nothing else compares to it.

Lanais are a relatively new concept but have tremendous potential to add so much character to your home! Get to know more concepts like this on the Homebliss blog!