Vastu Tips For Your Pooja Room

Since times immemorial, a temple has been an integral part of Indian homes. A temple brings in good luck, peace, and prosperity at home. And, since temple plays such an important role in our lives, the position and placement of the temple can’t go unnoticed. As per Vastu Shastra, a temple in a home shields the space from negative vibes and brings in positive energy. And Vastu Shastra lays down few ground rules for having a temple at home.

Vastu Tips For Temple

Here are a few rules that one needs to k to increase positive energy and attract good luck into a home.

1. Take Care of the Height Of The Temple

Vastu Tips For Temple

As per Vastu Shastra, the temple should always be installed a few inches above the floor. The height of the temple needs to be in a way so that the base of the idols are at the same level as a person’s chest. In case the height crosses this level, it will be difficult for the devotee to see the face of the idol. And, keeping the height below this level is considered disrespectful.

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2. Wooden Temple

Vastu Tips For Temple

As indicated by Vastu Shastra, a temple should be made of wood or marble as it is auspicious and brings in good luck. However, don’t use Sheesham or rosewood. Other than that, you can have a temple of any other kind of wood like teak or mango wood.

3. Direction Of Diyas and Candles

Vastu Tips For Temple

In a temple, lighting is of utmost importance. So, whenever you are lighting diyas or candles, keep them on the south-eastern side of the temple. Keeping the lights in the south-eastern direction brings good fortune, draws in positive energy and encourages happiness.

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4. Use The Right Direction For The Temple

Vastu Tips For Temple

As per Vastu Shastra, the direction of the temple is of utmost importance. For installing a temple, use the north-eastern or eastern side of the home. as it is believed to be filled with positive energy.

Few Things to Take Care Of While Installing a Temple:

Vastu Tips For Temple

The temple should not be next to a bathroom; not even above or beneath it.

Refrain from putting any dead ancestral photograph inside the temple. This is inauspicious, according to Vastu.

Never keep any broken Idols inside the temple.

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