Attention Geminis! Here Are 8 Things You Must Know Before Decorating Your Home!

Last updated on February 18th, 2022

Decorating a home is an exciting and fun experience. It’s even more interesting when you get to show off your personality while you’re decorating. Although some star signs have a natural talent when it comes to decorating a home, some others may need a little help with decorating – a great example is the playful Gemini.

Geminis are flexible and creative people who love an ever-changing, fast-paced scene. They come with a constant flow of amazing ideas, which can sometimes make decorating a space overwhelming. If you are a Gemini looking for some decorating ideas, here are eight things you must know before you decorate your home!

1. Choose your colors first

Get the energy right and choose shades that go with the passionate personality of a Gemini. Vibrant hues and energy-releasing colors with warm tones are perfect. You can even choose cooler colors in muted tones and lighter shades. Bright yellows, light grays, oranges, and greens are some of the color options worth looking at.

2. Make sure there’s space to get comfy in

As a Gemini, you are always looking to learn new things, so decorating your space to ensure you have a special corner that’s dedicated to that is important. Set up a cozy corner in your living room to enjoy a cuppa while you read a book. A small office with a computer setup is also a great idea.

3. Accentuate

Choose striking décor items, like a collection of wall hangings, an interesting shelf, or a decorative corner. You could choose interesting pieces to put together around your home. For example, each piece of the corner could be unique or simple, but when put together, make an appealing combination! This style of accents is perfect for the Gemini personality, that prefers small things rather than large pieces that take up a lot of space.

4. Change it all up

Try and use a lot of layers, especially in soft furnishings. Get soft and hard pillows in varied sizes, throws, blankets, curtains, blinds, and rugs – all coordinated. You can create sets of these and change the entire set from time to time. Changing a full set of these soft furnishings can completely change the look of a space that would suit the ever-changing fancy of a Gemini.

5. Invest in comfortable furniture that promotes conversation

Geminis like you love to have meaningful conversations when they have people over. So, investing in comfortable furniture that promotes conversations should be kept in mind. Avoid over-cluttering spaces with big pieces of furniture. Think of long chats and late-night parties. Snazzy-looking but comfortable couches, corners, bar stools, and bean bags are the way to go!

6. Sleek but not cold

Although minimalism is a great idea and comes with a lot of benefits like more space to move around, it can sometimes leave a space feeling too cold. Geminis like you have a playful personality, so go ahead and show it off in your home décor. Play around with different patterns, textures, and styles. Experiment with different accent pieces and colors to decorate your space in a way that brings your personality out in the best way possible.

7. It’s all about balance

Geminis have an eccentric style, so you must have the perfect balance when it comes to decorating your space. Pick from contrasting color palettes and different materials. Use warm and cold, wood and metal for the right balance.

Adding plants, live or artificial, can also help brighten up your space.

8. Personalize

You love to be yourself, so bring that out when you decorate your space. Show off your style and add a personal touch through a choice of paintings or artwork, maybe wall hangings, tabletop sculpture, or eye-catching corner pieces. You could also try adding photographs in frames.

So go ahead! Try these simple tips and tricks, and build the perfect space that shows off your Gemini personality in style. Happy decorating, everyone!