10 Brilliant Uses Of Olive Oil Outside The Kitchen

Last updated on August 24th, 2021

This nutrient-packed oil isn’t just a main ingredient in a wide variety of dishes and salads, but has many great uses outside of the kitchen as well!

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Here are a few little-known ones that you must try!

1. To Help With A Sore Throat

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If you’ve been coughing constantly due to an itchy, scratchy feeling in your throat, then take a sip of olive oil and see the cough vanishing!

2. To Help Remove Paint From Skin And Hair

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Painting can be a messy job. But don’t worry if you’ve got your hair and hands covered in paint. Just rub some olive oil into the affected skin and hair and let it sit for 5 minutes before giving them a thorough wash with soap. And Voila! No more paint.

3. To Remove Scratches On Leather Furniture

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Make your old, worn-out leather furniture look new and shiny again with a touch of olive oil. Just dip a cotton cloth in olive oil and rub it into the scratched leather surface in a circular motion. The scratches will vanish revealing nice, supple and shiny leather.

4. To Remove Stickers

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This is one sticky (pun intended) issue that we have all faced at one point or another. But with olive oil, it becomes painless. Just soak a tissue in olive oil and let sit over the sticker for a bit. The sticker will come right off, along with its sticky residue, in no time.

5. As An Excellent Alternative To Shaving Cream

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Olive oil can be a great alternative to artificial shaving creams, full of chemicals and scents. This natural lubricant doesn’t just give you a closer shave, but also helps moisturize the skin and keeps it healthy.

6. To Help With Stuck Zippers

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The best way to get a stuck zipper moving, is to use a cotton ball to dab some olive oil onto the teeth of the zipper and try to move it around a couple of times. It’ll get un-stuck!

7. To Remove Makeup

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It’s not a great idea to remove your makeup with chemicals. Just dab a few drops of olive oil on your cheeks, forehead and under your eyes and wipe the makeup away with a cotton disc. Wipe your face with a soft, damp cloth to remove any oil residue. It is a natural and green way to get the makeup off your skin in a jiffy, without harming your skin and leaving it feeling soft and cared for.

8. To Help With Snoring

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If you’ve been having sleepless nights, unable to sleep through your partner’s snores, what might help is a sip of oil before bedtime (for your partner, not you). It’ll help lubricate the throat muscles that cause snoring and prevent it. Unless, the cause behind the snoring is deeper and needs to be explored.

9. To Polish Wood

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If you have a wooden table that’s past its glory days, try rubbing some olive oil into it with a cloth. Olive oil helps restore and preserve the wood’s natural moisture and bringing the luster back.

10. To Quieten Squeaky Doors

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Before trying store-bought chemicals on a squeaky door, try dripping a few drops of olive oil onto the top of the errant hinge, moving it back and forth a few times to let the oil in. The door will quieten instantly.