Home Remedies To Clean Everything In Your Pooja Room

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022

The Puja space in a home is a place that inspires divinity. It’s a sacrosanct space in the house that needs to be kept pristine. But daily exposure to flowers, Kumkum, oil, and incense often leaves it, well, not so pristine. And if you find cleaning all the intricately carved idols and utensils a tough task involving different chemicals, we are here with some great news.

There are simple and effortless ways to keep your Puja space up to sniff. All involving just a few staples from your kitchen. Intrigued? Read on to learn more!

1. Brass Utensils and Idols


A Puja room is incomplete without brass. And although divine and beautiful, it gets tarnished and develops an unsightly greenish patina with constant use.
But cleaning it isn’t very difficult. Just dab half a slice of lemon in some salt and scrub the items clean, almost effortlessly. And finally, just rinse the grime and salt off with water and you have everything shining like pure gold!

2. Copper Utensils and Idols


For your dulled and dirty copper items, again, just dab half a slice of lemon in salt and scrub the copper with it. If lemons aren’t handy mixing some vinegar with salt would also do the trick. Finally, just wash the scrubbed (and shiny as new) items in water and pat them dry!

3. Silver Utensils and Idols


Many people swear by using toothpaste on tarnished silver. But what works even better is to boil a liter of water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and a small piece of silver foil to it. Immerse the silverware in this water for ten seconds and take them out all shiny.

4. The Altar cloth


The best way to clean all the delicate fabrics you use in your pooja space, whether they are used on the Chowki or draped over the idols, is to hand wash them with plain detergent and water and dry them in shade.

5. Marble Surfaces


The marble surfaces in your Pooja room need to put up with a lot. They get regularly exposed to heat, oil, and the occasional Haldi or Kumkum spills. Just mix a little lemon juice with some baking powder and work the stains. The marble will get cleaned in no time and with very little effort.

6. Doors


Clean your Pooja room doors with cotton balls dipped in olive oil. Not only will it take out the accumulated dust and grime, but it’ll also leave the doors shiny as new!

Here’s wishing that your space for divinity stays pristine and divine!