6 Home Decor Materials You’ve Got To Try For That Classy Look

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

It’s amazing how you can change the look of your space by introducing home decor materials that ooze luxury. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Elements such as mirrors, wall paneling, or carpets don’t cost much if you use them carefully.

While all these elements can turn your home decor look around, it’s not necessary to incorporate all of them into your space. Just a bit of paneling on one wall, a few throw cushions, and an area rug can amp the look of your home, taking it to the next level.

Excited? Let’s check out 6 gorgeous ways to get your dream home.

1. Paneling your walls

Your wall paneling doesn’t have to cover every inch of space in your room. Just a stretch of space on your focal wall will do the trick. You can opt for slats of paneling, working their way horizontally or vertically along your space. Or you can go for bold paneling with beading detail for an interesting look. Checkered paneling looks gorgeous too. Paneling can be used on home partitions as well. Home decor material for your wall paneling? You can use PVC, vinyl, or natural wood.

2. Add dimension with wall tiles

You must have seen the standard fare of granite or marble tiles doing the rounds on the design scene. There are wall textures, too; they are ideal for giving depth to your home decor. However, to add a touch of mysticism and romance to your home decor, patterned tiles are an excellent choice. They work well on your flooring, the bathrooms, and your kitchen. These state-of-art tile patterns are to die for!

However, like with everything else, moderation is the key. Use the design motif on small walls or as borders to elevate the look without going over the top.

3. Do it with mirrors

Mirrors are glamorous and ooze style and sophistication. A fully mirrored wall will visually expand the size of your room, giving it the illusion of depth. When you want to use mirrors as a design element, you can look for classy mirrors for your console, behind your seating arrangement, or in your foyer.

Huge standalone mirrors give a dramatic impact and can be used in your bedroom or living space.

4. The charm of throw cushions

Throw cushions are a fantastic tool to amp the look of your decor. The best part is that you can play with colors, patterns, and shapes to accentuate your look with such pillow covers.

You will be surprised at the change in your home decor by adding a few throw cushions in the mix. These puffy wonders are great for your bedroom too. Toss in a few quirky prints in complementing colors on your bed or sofa for a surprise element.

5. The beauty of cane accessories

Cane accessories never go out of style. They are easily available and a great addition to your home decor. So, how do you add cane to your decor? Baskets are a perennial favorite as receptacles for knick-knacks or as plant holders.

Adding a cane chair to your decor is a great idea when balanced with a few cane elements in the decor. Straw hats, macrame hangings, and handmade straw area rugs can complete this rustic look. Cane home dividers are another way to incorporate this material into your decor.

6. Carpets and throws

It can be a durrie or a Persian woven wonder; rugs and carpets work their magic in any decor. These can be used as area rugs to define your space, as runners in your foyer, or even by your bedside to define the sleeping area.

A plain rug will be a better bet if you have a busy couch pattern. However, if you have a couch in a solid color, a carpet with an interesting pattern will bring your design together beautifully. You can pick the colors in your rug and get some cushions in the same shades for a cohesive look with your laminated furniture.

Last words!

For a gorgeous, classy look, any of these elements will improve the decor of your room. You can pick the look you want from these incredible ideas and take it from there.

Happy decorating, everyone!