9 Signs That Your Home Reflects Your Bohemian Soul!

Last updated on March 18th, 2022

Bohemian décor is known for its laid-back and let-your-hair-down style. This décor style believes in embracing what you love without a care for the traditional do’s and don’ts of décor as everyone understands it.

You can curate a perfect Boho set up in your home by carefully picking and choosing the right décor elements, or you may be inadvertently doing up your home in a casual-chic bohemian style, without even realizing it! Here are a few traits that reflect your oh-so-bohemian soul. Do you have any of them? Find out with us, if you’re a Bohemian at heart as we explore the 9 signs when a home screams out its owner’s Boho love!

1.  When it comes to linen, your home speaks volumes of your love for tie-dye and Suzani fabrics, and so does your wardrobe often!

2. You have not seen the floor of your home in a long time and show no inclination to ever wanting to!

3. Your take going green quite literally in your décor. There may be more plants in your living room than furniture pieces!

4.  Moroccan ottomans and lanterns adorn every lonely-looking corner of your abode!

5. Patterns are your thing. You like to surround yourself with them.

6. You hunt for macramé knots everywhere. Even in places inconceivable!

7. Minimalism is your décor mantra and whatever you want to say through your decor, you believe in saying it with less.

8. You like your mattress as close to the floor as possible and a canopied bed figures in your must-haves, for peaceful slumber!

9. And last but not the least, if you always find yourself making a beeline for beaded curtains at fairs and markets, it’s you inner Bohemian at play!

Happy decorating your home, everyone!