How To Add A Scandinavian Charm To Your Living Room

Last updated on August 8th, 2022

Scandinavian interiors boast of a love for simplicity, minimalism, natural elements and functionality. Let’s have a look at how you can bring in Scandinavian elements into your living room.

The furniture in Scandinavian homes is mostly along clean lines. It exudes a mid-century, modern appeal and is also innovative and functional in design. You will see lots of multilevel shelving for practical storage and to add a visual element to the décor.

Scandinavians like to give their furniture, lighting and accent pieces a touch of wood and metal.

Scandinavian interiors have several types of lighting spread around, thanks to as little as seven hours of daylight during winter months. Their lighting fixtures are very modern and tend towards industrial designs. They also use candlelight generously.

Scandinavian interiors always have living elements like fresh flowers and indoor plants that add color and beauty to their décor. It is a common sight to see florists in Scandinavia selling flowers, bouquets, and plants on sidewalks.

Scandinavian interiors use shades like whites, greys, and browns that give them a simple and elegant look. The walls are mostly white so that the furniture and artwork on the walls take center stage.

The floors in Scandinavian homes, seldom have wall-to-wall carpeting and their floors are usually hard-wood with the wood displaying its natural color or painted white. This makes the setting look expansive and lets in more light.

Scandinavian interiors make sure that every space in their interiors is well used without much unnecessary clutter spread around. They believe that less is more, when it comes to their décor, which makes it easy on the eyes.