Clever Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom For Winter

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

As the temperatures start dropping and the calendar is down to its last page, it’s time to turn your bedroom into a warm cocoon of comfort.

But that doesn’t have to mean any significant decor changes. In fact, adding a winter vibe to your bedroom can be as basic as adding a large, cozy throw blanket to the end of your bed. Read on to learn more about how to get your bedroom winter-ready with small changes in décor.

1. Add a wintry touch to your bedding

The bed is the most significant and visually impacting piece in the bedroom. So, it makes sense to add some wintry elements to it. So, think of adding big, fluffy pillows, throw blankets, and comforters to set the winter mood and make it feel like something that you can sink right into.

2. Warm up with cozy lighting

We all know that lighting is instrumental in making a room appear beautiful. So, think of layering your lights to add a soft winter vibe to your bedroom.

3. Layer up rugs

If there’s one thing that everyone hates about winters, it’s the feeling of their feet touching the cold hard floor, first thing in the morning. However, a simple rug can fix it all (if you don’t want to invest in an extravagant carpet)! Add a soft patterned rug or a faux fur rug to bring in the winter mood to your bedroom. A rug will not only keep your feet warm but also add texture and style to your bedroom.

4. Include Hygge-quotient with comfortable furniture

Winter means spending long hours under the blanket! So how about adding a leather footstool at the end of the bed, or an ornate wing chair by the window to lounge about in, with your favorite book and a blanket!

5. Add a dose of dark hues

Clever Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom For Winter

There’s nothing that spreads a warm winter-vibe like dark hues. Be bold and add dark accents (in the form of curtains or bedding) to create drama in the room. Or, if you are feeling brave, try painting an accent wall in a deep shade.

6. Play with textures

Surround yourself with warm and fuzzy textures -a cozy comforter or knitted blanket on the bed, a wicker basket to hold all the bits and pieces, a plant to add life to the room, and floors covered with a thick carpet- all signifying warmth and coziness.

7. And don’t forget to add copper and bronze accents

Metallic tones like silver and chrome lend a fresh air to the room and are used in summer. However, during winter it’s the warm metal tones that lend a sense of comfort to a space. So, consider adding these warm metals in the form of light fixtures and accessories to ward off the winter blues.

May you stay warm through the chilly winters!