Here’s How You Can Rock Polka Dots In Your Decor

Last updated on June 14th, 2022

Polka dots came into trend a decade back and have held their ground in the fashion industry ever since. However, the polka dot trend in home decor has mainly been confined to bed linen and the occasional home decor accessories. This is about to change.

With interior designers swearing by the classic black and white polka dot effect on home decor, this gorgeous look is slowly but surely making inroads in the home decor industry. Polka dots in shades of gray, black, navy blue, and white ooze style and elegance.

If you are wondering how to introduce this amazing look into your home, check out these funky ideas.

Polka dots on your bed linen

Polka dot bed linen can spruce up your bedroom decor in minutes. For a feminine vibe, you can go for shades of pink or peach polka dots. But if you want a more inclusive look, you can add staid off-white or gray bed linen with polka dots to add oomph to your peach decor.

A black and white polka dot pattern on your bed sheets can be breathtakingly beautiful. Additionally, stripes and geometrics mingling with polka dots can elevate this look with aplomb. A dhurrie in black and white can be the perfect finishing touch.

Polka dots on your throw cushions

Throw cushions are a great way to add the polka dot element to your home decor without breaking the bank. A bit of contrast does wonder to your home decor. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Those funky orange polka dot cushion covers may just be what you need to liven up your beige and brown color scheme.

Besides, black and white polka dots never fail. If you can get your hands on a few of these cushion covers, they will fit right in, no matter what your color scheme is.

Polka dot wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to enhance the look of your room without the hassle of painters pottering around your home with rollers and paint cans.

The thought of a polka dot wallpaper may bring a frown to your face. But, hey! This amazing look may just be the topic of conversation the next time you have friends over. So, how do you play this theme on your walls? A subdued look works best as a heavy concentration of dots can cause dizziness.

Opt for light colors with spaced-out dots for a sedate look. If all else fails, why not try your hand at stenciling? A stencil and a bit of waterproof paint on your wall paint can work wonders for your home decor. The best part? It’s free!

Polka dots on upholstery

You never thought you would even consider a polka-dot upholstery for your furniture. But these breathtaking ideas in black and white polka dots are enough to set your heart racing. You can try this look on your chair upholstery or as a drape for your sofa for a subdued vibe.

Polka dots on your curtains

Curtains generally play a subdued role in home decor. This works as you don’t want jazzy curtains to overpower the charm of your decor. A mild spatter of dots on your soft furnishings, like curtains adds style to your decor without taking anything away from your design.

Spotted curtains are ideal for your children’s room as they help stimulate their sensory development. It’s best to confine vibrant shades to kids’ rooms to bring in a fun element.

Polka dots on your cabinets

If played right, polka dots on your furniture can add an exciting element to your home decor. These dots are perfect for a chest of drawers, small cabinets, and storage units. However, you should not get too adventurous with this one, or you may end up with a piece of furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb. Black polka dots on a white or cream background are perfect. Make sure to spread out the dots to avoid a pattern that is too busy.

This idea works excellently well in your nursery or children’s room.

Polka dots on your accessories

Yes, you love polka dots. But you are not very sure how you feel about these little wonders on your surfaces and cushions. Well, you can find the perfect balance by including a few dotted accessories into your decor.

These accessories can be in the form of lamps, crockery, planters, earthenware, or even placemats. These accessories will allow you to indulge your ‘dotty’ self without disturbing the vibe of your decor.

Final thoughts…

Polka dots personify fun elements that enrich your home decor. They may also become a home decor trend soon. So, why wait and follow others? Bring in the elements of polka dots in your home decor and set the trend.

Sometimes, conceptualizing a design concept can be tricky. But that’s what the experts are there for. We at would love to assist you in meeting all your home decor requirements.