Now And Zen: 11 Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Zen-Like

Last updated on March 2nd, 2022

Zen philosophy is all about creating an uncluttered and simple space that is calming and balanced for the mind. And there are many elements, big and small, in a Zen setting, that together bring this space to life.

It’s been accepted the world over that creating the perfect Zen mood at home by keeping away visual distractions and clutter, can reduce stress greatly. And if you’re looking to create such a space at home, browse through these 11 tricks for instant inspiration!

1. Create an inviting entrance

When you step into your home, you should feel happy and relaxed. Creating an inviting entrance will help you feel calm the moment you step foot into your home.

2. Have a quiet corner

If you’re unable to give your space a complete Zen makeover, then have at least one area where you can sit, relax, and unwind. This could be a quiet reading corner or just a nook. This place will help you get away from all the noise.

3. Let in some light

There’s nothing more refreshing than natural light. Keep your windows open during the daytime and let fresh air and light pour in.

4. Build seamless storage

Keeping the Zen aesthetic in mind – that maintains visual clarity and simplicity in everything, make sure you create plenty of built-in and hidden storage options, integrated into the design itself. The idea it to create a clutter-free space that is both organized and calming.

5. Choose light and natural fabrics

The fabrics you choose should also be light, natural, and comfortable. An important part of zen decor is curtains. Curtains can provide a sense of intimacy, and some curtains can also reduce unwanted noise. While picking curtains, opt for natural fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton.

6. Choose muted, earthy tones

Take cues from the calming, peaceful colors that exist in nature, and introduce them to your decor. Think colors with minimal visual impact with patterns that are subtle and understated.

7. Go for simple and natural furniture

Zen style is characterized by natural and simple furniture. Avoid furniture that has excessively complicated ornamentation. The furniture you select must be of high quality and made out of simple, natural materials. Zen furniture should provide you with maximum comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

8. Stay low on decor and ornamentation

Wall decor and ornaments should follow the same principle – simplicity. Avoid too much decor as that can be distracting. Keep photos and paintings to a minimum and put only the ones that are really close to your heart, on display.

9. Enhance your space with natural scents

Homemade spray and candles made using essential oils are all great ways to enhance your space with fresh and natural scents. It helps create a calming and relaxing feeling throughout your home. Scents like these can also be used to aid you to drift into a deep sleep quickly.

10. Eliminate noise and distractions

Electronic gadgets and devices can often cause a lot of noise and distraction. This is why the Zen philosophy advises we steer clear of them for at least some time, every day. However, if you still need to have that TV set, then make sure you have a designated area for it where it can be hidden away when not required. When it comes to phones and other devices, ensure that you stay away from them for at least an hour or two before going to bed.

11. Bring in the outdoors

There’s absolutely no doubt that plants can alleviate your mood and have a calming effect on your mind and body. Get a few plants in your home and invite nature inside.

However, avoid plants that need special maintenance. Terrariums or bonsai trees are a good choice when it comes to complimenting your overall Zen decor.

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