Trending Now: Maximalism: One of the Few Good Things that the Pandemic Has Brought with It!

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

You’re not alone if you’re thinking of adding bold colors to your room but are scared to mess it up! Maximalism is the new trend that has taken over the market, pushing behind minimalism. One of the gifts of the pandemic, if you will!

If you want your room to pop up with bright colors and corners, then maximalism is the theme for you. For the uninitiated, Maximalism is the technique of furnishing a house with the most vibrant colors, repeating motifs, and cherished showpieces without going overboard. The maximalist style evolved as a response to the minimalist trend, with traits and components nearly opposing minimalism.

However, tread softly: this style needs a delicate touch and meticulous attention to detail, as one mistake can lead to disaster. Here are some points we recommend for working with the maximalist style.

1. Mix and Match Different Eras

All types of furniture work for a maximalist space. If you have always wanted your room to have a visual aesthetic from different periods, this is the time! One kind of furniture would dull this style. Choose your top three time periods and play with the style.

2. Add a Gallery Wall

Everyone wants to own a wall full of art. With the maximalist style, you can add art pieces of different styles and bring out your artistic side. Add frames of varying shapes and sizes to give the wall a quirky look.

3. Be Careful with Colors

A bunch of colors is the cornerstone for maximalist design. Begin with a basic color scheme, and then work your way up.

Maximalist insights will help you realize that dark colors, like rich navy blue or black, are frequently used for walls. The key is to balance out a darker wall color by adding strong or colorful elements and motifs to the space.

4. Create an Impact with Paint

We recommend adding pigmented color with a different kind of finish if you like to explore color options. Such a revamp is sure to make your home look out-of-the-box!

5. Go Boho

Maximalism will most likely appeal to fans of the bohemian or boho style. Beautiful excess is a prevalent motif in both these genres. You could adopt maximalism effortlessly while remaining faithful to your boho origins if you adore printed fabric, appreciate color, and prefer to surround yourself in everything lovely.

6. Try Vintage Looks

Vintage decor and accessories can easily be incorporated into your maximalist home. Although mid-century design can be pretty straightforward, it can also ooze exuberant flair with its brilliant colors and expressive paintings.

Since the Victorian and decorative art styles were always about excesses, you’ll have no issue combining them with maximalism to design a space you’ll enjoy dwelling in.

7. Use a Statement Wallpaper

A maximalist space can be brought to life using wallpaper.

To make a massive impact, use wallpaper with a striking design on all the walls rather than using it on just a single accent wall.

8. Don’t Forget to Add Layers

Maximalism is for people who wish to let go of their idealism and accept all that makes them who they are. As this type of decor is quite tricky, you need to be careful while using it.
Too much of anything can only make things clumsy. But if you use this style appropriately, it will bring out your personality and style without any effort.

Need a few more references? Check out Homebliss (and follow our tips, too!) to make the most out of maximalism. It will push you to experiment with different styles. Unleash your creative and bold side without any worries.

More power to you!