7 Benefits Of Using 3D Interior Design To Plan Your Dream Home

Last updated on June 17th, 2022

T squares and set squares are passe. So are the elaborate 2D design formats showcasing how your room will look once it’s executed. Interior designing today is all about virtual meetings with designers, and 3D renditions of your home decor.

Pushing aside paintbrushes and pencils, 3D design concepts have taken the world of designing by storm. Yes, new avenues have opened up, not only for the designers but for the consumers too.

So, what are 3D interior design ideas? And more importantly, how do you incorporate this fascinating design concept into your home decor? Let’s take a closer look.

What is 3D interior design?

Much like Alexander Bell’s telephone, old-fashioned methods of design have bitten the dust. 3D design is a digital technology that uses virtual 3D images to share design ideas, plans, and color schemes with the client. As you get a sense of what to expect before the first nail hits the plywood, you don’t have to worry about designing disasters.

Eager to learn more? Let’s explore 7 amazing ways to decorate your home using 3D design.

1. You can visualize your home decor before beginning work

3D platforms show you exactly how your home will look once it is completed. Once you have a basic idea of your design, you can move things around, or change the color scheme if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Alteration midway through the project can cost a lot of money in standard refurbishing projects. With virtual designs, you can address the issue before you begin.

2. You can rework your budget

Your 3D interior design project will give you a fair idea about the cost. This allows you the freedom to decide what things you want to remove from your final design, in case it’s over your budget. Your designer will help you do this without altering the basic concept.

3. You get to tackle the problem before you even begin

It’s easy to get carried away when you are redecorating your space. The result? Your bed and wardrobe are too big for the space at hand. Or you may find that the center table that looked good in the showroom doesn’t quite match your couch. You get the picture.

Virtual designing is an easy way to nip these problems before they arise, as they take factors such as dimensions and style into consideration. Once you see how your finished room is going to look, you know exactly what not to do when it comes to the actual execution.

4. You get to see how your color scheme will look in the final product

Colors are a vital part of home decor. It’s not always easy to imagine how a color is going to look on your walls and furniture from the tiny color swatches and samples in your hand. 3D design gives you the perfect impression of the result.

5. Better communication with the design team

As the project is virtual, you don’t need to travel to their office for a consultation. You can arrange a meeting with them when there is a need. The design team walks you through the design and is available to clear any doubts you may have.

The biggest advantage of 3D designing is that your whole family can participate in your meeting with the designer.

6. You can zero in on furniture picks before you take out your credit card

Some 3D design portals are associated with furniture showrooms. This allows you to pick furniture from their selection way before your project begins.

These informed choices give you the freedom to make changes in your virtual design before your work begins.

7. You can stall the project or do it in parts

Once you have the design in hand, you can choose when you want to do it. If you are waiting for the festive season, you can even do the project in parts as you know exactly what needs to be done and how.

Final thoughts

This revolutionary design concept puts you, the consumer in the driver’s seat as you know exactly what it’s going to cost or look like. For further tips on this interesting subject, head to homebliss.in.