3 More 2BHK Home Layout Ideas You Will Absolutely Love!

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Let’s talk dreams again today, shall we?

If you’ve been planning to design your own 2BHK, then we are sure you’ve been spending enough and more time trying to arrive at a design that gives you the best of both worlds – aesthetics and functionality!

An ideal 2BHK home has 2 bedrooms – a master bedroom and another bedroom that’s meant for kids, guests or parents. The area available for a 2BHK usually lies between 700-1000 sq ft. While planning the layout, it’s most important to maximize the space available for people in the house to move around. This can be done with some clever planning and careful use of multi-functional furniture.

And after the overwhelming response that our last post got on these plans, we are back with yet another installment of 2BHK plans that are going to steal your heart. Scroll on!

A 35 x 42 ft 2BHK house under 1548 sq ft

Open kitchen design!

This 35 x 42 ft layout provides a 2 BHK home that fits within a 1500 sq ft area. It comes with a spacious living room, an attached dining room, a kitchen with a storeroom. It has a modern design vibe with an open kitchen plan. It includes two bedrooms – the master bedroom and the other one for children, guests, or parents.

It also has extra space for a veranda connected to the living room.

A 29 x 36 ft 2BHK home under 1058 sq ft

Less is more – for an urban family!

Taking less space than the others mentioned above, this layout features a 2 BHK house plan within 1000 sq ft. It also has a spacious living room, a family room, and a kitchen.

Two bedrooms – one being the master bedroom of the house. This type of layout for a 2 BHK home is suitable for an urban family.

A 25 x 32 ft 2BHK house under 1200 sq ft

To be constructed – facing North!

For traditional Indian families, this design is the most in-demand and comes with 25 x 32 dimensions under 1200 sq ft. This house plan is more suitable when constructed facing North. This design comes with a rectangular-shaped living room, a kitchen in the upper corner, and an attached dining hall. The two bedrooms include a master bedroom and a children’s bedroom.

There is a variety of house plans you will find, but what suits you the most depends upon the size of the plot and how you like to use the space that you live in.

Hope you found this quick read useful. Do explore us for more information on making homes, and turning them beautiful!

Have fun dreaming up and decorating your home, folks!