5 Quirky Ways To Decorate Your Balcony

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

A change in seasons often inspires you to give your home a makeover with a few bright cushions carelessly thrown into the mix. An area rug in complementary tones completes the look. You may add an artifact here or remove one from there. And the results are satisfying, no doubt!

Definitely a great beginning for the wonderful season ahead. However, chances are, you rarely think of your balcony, and probably have a couple of plants in the corner, trying to make sense of the lack of design in the space.

Zeroing in on the perfect décor for your balcony can be difficult. Your space may be just too small or the flooring may not be the kind that would facilitate doing up the space. Big or small, all balconies can do with a bit of sprucing up. And here are some amazing ideas that you can use when you design your balcony.

1. What kind of furniture are we talking about?

A few plastic chairs will serve the purpose, you say. After all, one chair is much the same as another! And yet, there is so much more you can do for your lovely balcony, a luxury few people have these days.
Bulky furniture may look great, especially when it has comfortable upholstery, but you must not forget that your balcony is exposed to the elements, and you may want to move it around, in case of rain or for the purpose of cleaning the space. Folding furniture is ideal, under the circumstances, as you can move it around or stack it up when you don’t need it.

2. Beach umbrellas

We bet you’ve always had a yen for a beach umbrella. Well, you can pair this bold style statement with stylish furniture and some wood tones as add-ons. You can panel the side of the balcony or even go for faux wood flooring. A dip into nature’s bounty with some potted plants can’t go wrong. Don’t forget the charming cushions!

3. A balcony that is a tad too small

A strip of space that calls itself a balcony can be a downer. And yet it’s too early to give up on your tiny space. Once you have treated the walls with creepers or a brick wall (the real thing or a peel-and-stick wallpaper), all you need to do is spread out a small rug and place a pouf or two or a few cushions on the rug in your balcony. Add a low table for your early morning cup of coffee. This nook is an ideal escape when you feel you want your space. Can life get better than this?

4. A balcony swing

Swings with their irresistible charm are on many bucket lists. Either you can opt for a traditional swing with brass decorative paraphernalia or step out of your comfort zone and custom order your swing in a modern design.
You can add a few comfortable chairs to the mix, making sure that you have enough cushions and rugs to amp up the design quotient. A fun place to host friends for a Friday night karaoke session! Don’t you think?

5. The bar cart

Yes, that little table you put on your balcony isn’t only for coffee. Pair it with a rolling bar cart.
A chilled beer after a long day at work is just the thing to relax you! Quaint tables or ones in vibrant colors work well in any setting. The best part is you can look at the stars, as you feel the chilled beverage go down your throat. And yes, you can reach for a second drink, from the bar cart by your side.

Final words

There is a lot more to a balcony than just being a place to hang your laundry! A perfectly designed balcony is a refuge from the worries of the world, a place where you can mull over the meaning of life.

Happy decorating, folks!