Legs, Skirts, Slipcovers: How Do I Dress Thee?

Last updated on June 11th, 2023

Your sofas are much like your wardrobe; each length or style has its charm. And like your outfits, there are umpteen designs to choose from, something you may not find in run-of-the-mill furniture stores.

Sofa designs have evolved. While some lost their charm along the way, others have stood the test of time. You will find sofas for every theme, be it modern, traditional, or old-world charm if you look hard enough. But, why beat about the bush? Let’s look at some exciting sofa styles for your home.

Sofas with Short Legs

Most sofas you see in furniture stores have short legs, hardly discernible as your focus is on the couch. These sofas are the most popular choice in home decor. The legs look elegant and allow you to clean the space underneath and also protect the bottom of your couch. The legs can be straight, tapered, or turned, depending on the design.

A Frame Under the Sofa

Sofas with a bit of wood showing at the bottom are a great look as you get the advantage of different materials and textures. You can go for a frame that encompasses the couch on the sides too, or just go for a bit of wood showing at the bottom. A smart natural wood polished frame is your best bet.

The Charm of Short-Tapered Legs

The tapered look is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, a few decades after women dared to bare their ankles. And just like your shapely legs, these sofas exude delicacy and charm. These interesting designs are perfect for small spaces as they don’t take up much room. And hey, if you have your heart set on a comfy couch, add a couple of tapered-leg chairs to the seating arrangement to add dimension to your decor.

A Skirt to Add Flair

Skirted sofas have an old-world charm and evoke images of Mrs. Marple enjoying a cup of tea on a lazy English afternoon. While these sofas never lost their charm, they are back with a bang. Your sofa skirt can be a staid affair where the fabric falls gracefully with minimal fuss. Or you can try pleats, or a full-bloom ruffled look to match your sundress. We suggest florals or gingham in your décor; either on the side chairs, your cushions, or your wallpaper to complete this gorgeous look.

Long-tapered Legs

Sofas with long-tapered legs are not only utterly charming, but also take up less room than regular couches. This 60s vibe may just be what you are looking for in your small apartment.

No Legs!

Why bother with the legs when your couch feels right at home on the floor? While cleaning can be a bit of a hassle, these gorgeous sofas have oodles of charm.

A Medley of Styles

A mix and match of different styles add interest to the décor. You can introduce a pair of sofa chairs with a skirt to your seating arrangement to add appeal. Or how about a pair of tapered-leg sofa chairs to go with your couch? You can try other interesting options too. However, too many styles in your space can give a showroom vibe and are best avoided. Check out popular home décor websites for inspiration before you reach for your wallet.

Sofas with Slipcovers

Buying a new sofa isn’t like getting a loaf of bread from the local grocery shop. Slipcovers are the easiest way to change the look of your room without burning a hole in your pocket. The market is flooded with various designs and patterns. But you can customize your slipcovers to get the look you want. That way you have the luxury of adding trimmings, ruffles, and a medley of prints to your existing sofas, depending on your taste.

Final Thoughts

While you can go to town with fascinating ideas, a few design rules need to be followed if you want the right look. These guidelines should do the trick. If you need help deciding, just give us a call. And while you are at it, you can check out some of our latest blogs on home décor for more inspiration. Log in to homebliss.in today.