15 Tips To Arrrange Accessories You Would Wish You’d Known Before!

Last updated on September 23rd, 2022

It’s easy to neglect the little things when it comes to home décor. Once the walls are splashed in pleasing colors and the seating is in place, we tend to rush through an essential part of home décor, getting the accessory placement right.

If you want your home décor to resemble the center spread of Architectural Digest, read on for tips.

1. Coffee Table Embellishments

Most coffee tables have enough room for ceramic artwork, crystals, vignettes, and candle stands. You can even throw in a stack of classy literature to the mix to add intellectual flavor. Mix and match shapes and sizes to add interest to the décor.

2. How to Arrange Your Collectibles

Scattering your collectibles in every corner of the room can be disastrous. Instead, go for items that are similar in style and hue. Letting your collection speak for itself is the ideal way to go.

3. Elevate Your Objects with These Neat Tricks

Neat rows of books on your shelf are boring. Mix and match your books to add interest by going horizontal and vertical. The same goes for artifacts and lamps. You can spruce them up by placing them on attractive pedestals.

4. A Play of Numbers and Sizes

Avoid even numbers when you display your objects. A cluster of three vases is much more appealing than clubbing four. While at it, make sure you play with the heights of the objects.

5. Your Throw Pillows Matter Too

There are several ways to get the look right. Place two large cushions in block colors in the center of your couch and let these act as your base. Now you can introduce smaller cushions in prints or different textures to build your display.

6. It’s Also About Rhythm

Getting the rhythm isn’t tricky. You have to make sure your accessories gently guide the eye from the tall accessories to the smaller items that follow.

7. Add Variety

Your small occasional table is perfect for placing a few choice accessories in various shapes and sizes. The trick is to add diversity in color as well as shape.

8. When More is Better Than Less

Line up the same object in a row, be it a print or an artifact. The impact is to be seen to be believed. You can allow a few understated objects to the mix without taking anything away from your repeat display.

9. Contrasts Are to Die for

Your black armoire with its glass shutters is ideal for your white crockery. You can play the contrast game any way you like, as long as the colors work in your décor.

10. A Graphic Display of Similar Items

A display of items in similar colors can nail your design quotient to the ‘T.’ You can try books, ceramicware, or travel memorabilia to get the look right.

11. A Lineup of Collectibles

It can be anything; from antique brassware, ceramics, or funky teapots; line them up on a shelf for design impact.

12. Create Harmony with Color

Harmony is everything. Try arranging color prints, books, and collectibles in rich colors and textures to get the right look for your console table or mantelpiece.

13. Vignettes Are Great Too

Vignettes are simple to create but have a lot of impact on the décor. You can use antique or wickerwork as the base for your vignette. Crystal dishes can work too. Your options? Some candle stands, a gorgeous plant, some pot pouri, or a collectible.

14. A Corner that is a Vignette in Itself

A balance of style and design in a particular room area oozes charm and sophistication. It can be an easy chair that mimics the surroundings or a console that resonates with the backdrop. Your accessories will bring out the look.

15. Finding Balance

Balance is about the play, tall with short, dark with light. Finding a unique rhythm in your artifacts creates an exotic whole.


Every element used in home décor plays an important role. While furniture is the foundation of designing, accessories are vital too. A few tweaks can change your mundane décor into a class act. And hey, you can always contact home décor experts such as Homebliss.in for all home décor queries.