11 Things That Are A Must-Do If You’re A Believer In Vastu!

Last updated on October 25th, 2023

There is a unique energy – known as Vastu – that constantly surrounds us. Although you cannot control this energy, you can channel it to maintain positivity and prosperity in your life. Vastu Shastra has existed for over 6000 years. It deals with the five basic elements of the universe: air, water, sky, fire, and the earth.

In this post, we will discuss the top 11 things every Vastu believer must follow to lead a peaceful life.

1. Metal or crystal tortoise

Tortoises have a robust shell that safeguards them from external calamities. Vastu experts recommend keeping a metal or crystal tortoise at home. It symbolizes prosperity and good health.

2. Peacock feathers

Life is a celebration, and that is what a peacock feather symbolizes. A favorite of Lord Krishna, this feather will bring peace of mind and harmony to your life. For best results, place it in your puja room.

3. Shree Yantra

Many kings and emperors have used the Shree Yantra for safety and prosperity. This item attracts success, wealth, fame, wellbeing, and good fortune.

4. Rose petals and water

Are you facing a lot of hardships lately? If yes, this Vastu remedy is a must for you. You should keep a bowl of fresh water and add some fresh rose petals to it. This combination is known to release the purest of energies into the atmosphere, guaranteeing good luck.

5. Windchimes

Wind chimes bring abundant positivity, happiness, and peace to the household. Wooden wind chimes should be placed in east, south, and southeast directions. Whereas, west, north, and northwest are ideal directions for metallic ones.

6. A Spiritual space

Vastu experts recommend planning this space in the northern portion of the house. You must keep this place clean and well-lit to attract positive forces.

7. Laughing Buddha

A laughing Buddha idol holds great relevance in Vastu Shastra. Experts believe that the laughing gesture fills the environment with positivity and happiness. However, make sure it faces the east and is kept near the main door of the house.

8. Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is known as the ultimate protector of his devotees. Keeping his idol at home and worshiping it daily brings good luck to the household.

9. An aquarium

Fish aquariums bring good health and happiness to your house. It also helps in rectifying any flaws which might be present in the layout of your house.

10. An east-facing entrance

The sun rises from the east. This direction brings positive energies into the property. Therefore, make sure your main door opens to the east.

11. A Horseshoe amulet

Pacify Lord Shani and open doors to good fortune by hanging an iron horseshoe in your house. The best place to hang it is the main entrance door.

That’s a wrap!

Simply having these items is not enough. Clean them daily and take great care of them to experience the best results. Do visit us for many more useful and interesting tips on Vastu.
Here’s wishing you good vibes only!