What’s That One Thing Your Bedroom Must Have As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

Last updated on April 18th, 2022

A bedroom is your most private space. And of all places in your home, it needs to be that one place that’s truly your haven and reflects who you are and what you like.

And all of us, with our different zodiac signs have a few things that resonate with who we are and give us true joy. Let’s find out what is that one thing in your bedroom that will give help you find your joy!


Aries, make sure your room has fairy light curtains – to fill your space with a unique vibrance and make a statement at the same time! Not to mention, form a peaceful glow at night for you to rest your head under.


Macrame details have your heart the moment you lay eyes on them, Taurus. Whether you have them as a wall hanging, a pouf or a pillow cover, is entirely up to you. But these earthy, natural elements make sure you stay in yours!


Just like your layered personality, dear Gemini, your bed needs to have many layers of sheets and throw blankets, to keep you cozy and snug. One or two layers will always leave you wanting more. Just make sure your linen cupboard has enough space for all those knitted sheets, throws and comforters.


Doll up your bed with lots of carefully styled throw pillows, Cancerians! You need things you can hug, to feel snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug, after all. Don’t you? Just remember to keep them in an odd number and stick to the colors of the space around them!


You need everything larger than life. A small mirror in your space will just not cut it. Place a floor-length mirror right next to your bed. For easy dressing, of course. And how else would you take all those gorgeous selfies?


You like to read and you like to tell people that you do! So, how about getting yourself a nice bookshelf and putting your favorite babies on display? And while you’re at it, why not sprinkle a few of your favorite décor pieces in it as well? With your impeccable design sense, of course.


Dear Librans! Nature lovers that you are, give yourself what you need in your private space with hanging pots with pretty succulents and vines dangling right next to you, as you drift off to la-la land. And oh we almost forgot to mention, they’ll help you breathe better too!


If there’s one sign that can do with tons of privacy, it’s you, Scorpio. To give yourself a good night’s sleep, don’t forget to get blackout curtains in a sensual and mysterious shade that appeals to your senses.


Hey there Sag. You need to incorporate a quiet place to read in your personal oasis. How else will you do your intense learning about the world? A reading chair right next to your books, is an absolute must-have!


You are a busy person, Capricorn. There’s just no time to waste in your busy day. Get yourself a fancy alarm clock that wakes you up mimicking the rays of the sun hitting your face, and start each day, fresh and full of energy.


You prefer things quirky, just like yourself. A tapestry above your bed that is the right amount of unique and the right amount of beautiful is just what you need for your private sanctuary.


You are a dreamer, Pisces. Give in to your whimsical side and get yourself a star projector-cum-night light. Go online and take your pick. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Happy shopping all of you!