3 Steps To Create The Perfect Bar Counter At Home!

There’s a very good reason they created the phrase – TGIF! After a hectic week, fewer things could be more relaxing than sitting down with a glass of your favorite drink in hand and your favorite Netflix show on. And how many times has the thought of having a bar counter at home crossed your mind? Well, it isn’t as difficult as you might think it is. Let’s make it a lot easier for you by listing down all that it requires for you to be able to savor a drink (or two) in the comfort of your home. And for those times when you want to invite friends over and surprise them with some home-brewed cocktails along with dinner.

1. Invest In A Bar Unit

If you are a connoisseur then you can think of investing in a large bar unit with extravagant storage options! In case you are not very regular with drinks, then opt for a smaller bar unit with limited storage options. And a minimal high table and two bar stools would be the most straightforward bar niche for people who drink very occasionally and need the place more for entertaining than for themselves.

2. Buy Yourself Some Glasses

Any bartended worth his salt will tell you that you need at least ten kinds of glasses for a complete bar counter. But you can start by investing in 4 basic types of cocktail glasses – Champagne flutes, Double-rocks Glasses, Coupe Glasses and Collins Glasses.

3. Get Some Basic Bar Accessories

You would need a few basic bar accessories to keep your bar counter-functional. An ice bucket and tongs to start with, a good corkscrew, a cocktail shaker, a bottle opener, a double-sided jigger, and a muddler. Buy them as a set so that they all look coordinated.