Getting A New Home? Check These 6 Things Before You Hand Over The Booking Amount!

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that has many of its reasons rooted in real scientific principles. And buying or building a house is not a small event in your life. Isn’t it better to make sure it is the right decision from every aspect before you decide to make one your home?

Here are 6 critical Vastu guidelines to keep in mind before you hand in your booking amount. Have a look!

1.  The direction of the house

It’s not just people who come in and out of the entrance of a house, but also energies. This is why it is important for the main door to be in the north, east, or northeast directions. Make sure you check this before you zero in on a house or incorporate this into your plan if you’re building one. And you don’t need to take a Vastu expert with you along, just use a Vastu or direction app out of the many available easily.

2. Direction of the rooms

The direction of the rooms in a house has a great impact on the activity and people that the room will be used for. A kitchen needs to be in the South-east direction of the house and isn’t good for the residents if located anywhere in the north. The master bedroom likewise needs to be in the South-west direction for cordial relations between a husband and wife. The kids’ room should be located ideally in the southwest direction of the house. Toilets, last but not the least, should be in the west or north-west direction of the house and definitely not in any other direction – a flaw that cannot be negated in any way once you start living in the house.

3. Shape of the rooms

Circular and angular rooms might be all the rage as they tend to look more trendy and stylish, but Vastu Shastra clearly spells out that, rooms to bring positivity, need to be either square or rectangular in shape and follow strict lines.

4. Direction of the overhead water tank

The best direction for the overhead water tank is the west or the south-west direction of the house. And in the southwest direction, it needs to be kept two feet above the topmost slab. Check the terrace of the building your apartment is located in and you can easily figure this one out. And if you’re building a home, this is something you can easily do.

5. Direction of the septic tank

A septic tank in a home collects and holds waste from the house until it eventually moves out. As per Vastu Shastra, it bears negative energy and if placed incorrectly, can have a negative impact on the people living in the home. Care needs to be taken to make sure it doesn’t touch the compound wall and that it is placed only in the northwest direction. This is true for both apartments and independent houses.

6. Ventilation

Good ventilation and plenty of sunlight filtering into the house – there are two essential elements in a home, that, as per Vastu Shastra, bring in positive energy and money. And when you are looking for a good home to buy or building one, this is something you can easily ensure.

May you find the home of your dreams soon, if you haven’t already!