21 Things In Your Home That You Need To Get Rid Of ASAP

Last updated on October 19th, 2021

Most of the clutter we end up holding onto at home doesn’t come with an expiration date and anything we bring home, we tend to want to use it and are reluctant to throw it away, whether or not there’s any need for it. And before we know it, we end up with tons of unnecessary things threatening to take over the house!

Here is a list of 21 items that you can get rid of right away. Think of all the extra space you’ll be freeing up. Not to mention the peace of mind it’ll bring with it!

1. Random Cords

Courtesy: sezenyourlife

If you’ve been hanging onto random chords and don’t even know what they plug into, it’s time to toss them in the bin.

2. Excess Hair Ties

Courtesy: consignmenter

You don’t need countless of these. Especially not after they’ve been hiding under the couch with the dust bunnies.

3. Receipts

Courtesy: ourrecyclingworks.blogspot

If you’re happy with what you’ve bought, no point saving the paper trail and adding to the paper clutter at home.

4. Old Ketchup Packets

Courtesy: nydailynews

You will always get enough of these when you order the next pizza. You don’t want them leaking into a kitchen drawer or getting used past their expiry dates. Just toss them!

5. Mismatched Socks

Courtesy: goodhousekeeping.co.uk

Toss them or turn them into rags for dusting.

6. Former Best Sellers

Courtesy: durangoherald

Swap these with your friends or give them away to a local school or library.

7. Old Remote Controls

Courtesy: wdfyfe

Just find the nearest garbage bin.

8. Expired Medications

Courtesy: chambanamoms

Follow this simple rule. If it’s expired, it needs to get trashed.

9. Expired Spices

Courtesy: kitchenstuffplus

After their expiration dates spices just turn into flavorless powders and add no value to your food. They need to go straight to the trash can.

10. Product Manuals

Courtesy: festoolownersgroup

This one’s just an old habit. And just adds to clutter. Trash them. The internet has all the answers you would ever need.

11. Old Bedsheets

Courtesy: thespruce

You don’t use them any longer but can’t part with them. Time for them to head to the nearest animal shelter or old age home.

12. Eyeglasses With The Wrong Prescription

Courtesy: zopticalstatenisland

These need to be donated immediately. No two things about it.

13. CD Collections

Courtesy: unilad.co.uk

Which year is it again? Upload the ones you like onto your computer and get rid of all of them.

14. Old Towels

Courtesy: keycolor.net

You can cut them up and use them as rags or donate them to an animal shelter.

15. Lidless Containers

Courtesy: kitchenboy.net

Lidless containers belong in container heaven, if there is one. Or with the scrap dealer.

16. Dead Batteries

Courtesy: fineartamerica

Admit it. It’s happened to all of us. We hunt for new batteries for the remote and none of them from the junk drawer work! Trash them.

17. Old Nail Paints

Courtesy: kidscreativechaos

Get rid of the dried-up ones. And duplicates next. You will never be able to wear all of them anyway.

18. Junk Jewelry

Courtesy: worthpoint

No. Not your valuable gems and jewelry made of precious metals. We are talking about the cheap ones you got from the flea market, and don’t remember ever wearing. Donate them.

19. Pens With No Ink

Courtesy: unpackageme.wordpress

You will really have to make time for this, unless you can do it while watching TV. Test each pen in your house and if it doesn’t work, trash it.

20. Leftover Paint

Courtesy: bobvila

Even though we feel that we will need them for touch-ups later, after a long time they are no longer going to match the original color that they were when you painted your walls with them. No point hanging on to these for sure.

21. Hotel Toiletries

Courtesy: room5.trivago

We all have them. Tiny bottles of toiletries cluttering the entire drawer space sometimes, many of them past their prime. Time to harden your heart and let them go!