7 Smart Dining Room Storage Ideas For Indian Homes

Last updated on February 4th, 2022

The dining room is meant to enjoy hearty meals, with your family. From eating, entertaining to even working, the dining room is a truly multi-functional space. However, with the continuously shrinking home sizes, only a few of us have the advantage of owning a separate dining room. And, for the rest of us, a dining table is just an element of an open floor plan or is the focal point of all the activities taking place in the kitchen. This means we should be shrewd about where we store all the knick-knacks we need to make mealtimes easy. Hence, while decorating the dining room, you need to take care of the storage aspect of the room.

A well-thought-out storage unit will not only keep your dining room tidy but also provide additional space to store your exquisite crockery sets and other kitchen essentials. Check out the rundown of our top 11 dining room storage ideas.

1. Think Tall

If you are one of those lucky few with a big dining space, then think of infusing creative vertical storage into your decor scheme. If you have a lot of things to store, opt for a bigger storage unit. And, in terms of a small dining room, opt for sleek and slim storage that is both robust and functional. Additionally, a glass door display unit will also serve the purpose of storing as well as displaying artifacts.

2. A Storage Bench

Use an empty corner in the dining room to introduce a sitting cum storage bench. And, don’t forget to include pull-out drawers and baskets for additional storage space. This will not only add significant storage in the room but also happens to be a great design option for small dining rooms.

3. Freestanding Storage Units

Looking to add storage in the dining room? Make room for a standalone sideboard. Use the sideboard to store kitchen essentials like plates, glassware, and more. Freestanding storage units are way more economical and practical than a built-in storage solution.

4. Add a table

Just add a table. A basic round table is a sure shot hit if you are looking for a fuss-free storage alternative. Always remember, storage is not all about hiding things. So, instead of built-in cupboards, position a table in an alcove and utilize the table-top for storing and displaying items, for example, lighting, photo frames, artifacts, and more.

5. Floating Shelves

If you have artifacts that are worth flaunting, then make use of an open shelf to display them. Make use of a false wall that functions as a shelf to line up the pieces. Additionally, you can also opt for floating shelves to keep the dining area perfect and mess-free. It is also a decent way to make use of each inch.

6. DIY a Storage Unit

7 Smart Dining Room Storage Ideas For Indian Homes

A cost-effective alternative to adding storage in the dining room: Make use of old wooden crates and boxes to stack up against your own freestanding storage unit. And the best part is that you can change the orientation of the storage unit as and when needed! Additionally, you can also make use of an old trolley or bar cart to add storage in the dining room. Simply, add a fresh coat of paint to it.

7. Floor to Ceiling Bespoke Storage

If you are lucky to own a big dining room, make use of one of the empty walls to build a floor-to-ceiling bespoke storage unit.

You can add shelves and drawers as per your need, adding substantial storage in the dining room.

Happy decorating (and storing), folks!