7 Things That Are Making Your Home Look Cheap

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Decorating your home to perfection doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, sometimes, even the most expensive décor elements, can make a place look tacky, and small-budget finds from roadside shops end up making stunning statement pieces that our guests can’t help admiring. All it takes is the right eye that discerns what works in a setting from what doesn’t.

This is why décor done within a budget doesn’t have to be décor devoid of personality or soul and even a cheaply decorated home, can look elegant and tasteful, as long as we avoid some obvious décor faux pas.
Here’s a quick list of 7 things to steer clear from, when decorating your home-sweet-home!

1. Bare TV Wires

Never let the unsightly wires from your TV and its accompanying gadgetry show. Find a way to hide them away to maintain a sophisticated look. A good (and not necessarily expensive) media unit with the TV attached to the wall, should help you accomplish this easily while helping you save precious square footage on the floor.

2. Matching Furniture Sets

The easiest thing to do when decorating your home is to go to a store and invest in a matching furniture set. It’s also one of the biggest décor mistakes that can make your décor look cheap and tacky.

Make your décor look fresh and unique by opting for things you love from a mix of different décor styles, whether it’s furniture pieces, fabric textures, or kinds of wood that you’re choosing. Get creative and don’t choose more than two pieces from one store or style. Let your décor brim with your personality and taste and not resemble something out of a boring catalog.

3. The Wrong Lighting

It is of utmost importance to get the lighting of your home just right. A high-watt overhead light fixture, with its harsh lighting, can make a room appear oversaturated and bright and make the décor feel cheap and unsophisticated.

On the other hand, warm, soft, and easy-on-the-eyes lighting from sources at different levels, like table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead recessed lights, will give your space the right and expensive-looking ambiance, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

4. Bare Walls

Nothing spells ‘cheap’ louder than bare, unadorned walls. But that doesn’t mean filling them up with unoriginal quotes passing off as art. Give your bare walls an upgrade with a gallery wall of carefully chosen prints, pictures, and framed quotes, and get ready for the compliments that pour in!

5. Cute-Looking Statues

Those adorable figurines and statues that you have a collection of, have no place in your decor and can make your space feel unsophisticated and cheap. Stow them away and make space for some grown-up elements that can add personality and character to your décor.

6. Rugs That Are Too Small

Have a look at this beautiful living room, with almost everything in place, except for the rug, which is way too small for the space. The rug, however beautiful and working well with the other décor elements, seems to be off and almost floating in the room, due to its small size. When choosing a rug, ensure that it’s big enough to fit under all the furniture involved. Any smaller, and it will make the décor look cheap.

7. Ugly Photo Frames

Tacky-looking and out-of-style frames can be a total eyesore for anyone who enters your home. Ensure that the frames you choose for your photos and art are custom made, in a matte finish, and fitted with glare-proof glass.