4 Layout Ideas of 2BHK Homes You Must Check Out!

Last updated on June 21st, 2022

Building a house is one of the biggest milestones for everyone. For such an important event in one’s life, proper planning is important. And planning your house starts with dreaming about what you want it to look like.

From variety in spaces to aesthetics, from closed to open spaces, and from adding an edge to keeping it simple – a 2BHK can be designed in a number of ways. And the differences in planning can bring forth different functional results.

Once you have chalked out the basics in your mind, it might be time to look at a few layout options and see what would work best for you. And we are here to help you do just that. Scroll on!

A 2 BHK house plan in 30 x 40 ft

This layout sports two equal rooms, a spacious living room, and a kitchen with extra utility space. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

For approx 1000 sq ft of the area, this 2BHK house plan with 30x40ft dimensions is the most space-efficient layout.

It features a spacious living space with an attached dining area. The living room is spacious enough for a large entertainment unit. Along with two similarly-sized and fairly large bedrooms, this plan can accommodate an entrance lobby and stairs that connect to the outside terrace. This layout even plans for extra utility space right alongside the kitchen. Amazing, isn’t it?

A 37 X 49 ft 2BHK design 

This layout helps create a 2 BHK house with 37 x 49 ft dimensions within an area of approximately 1667 sq ft. Unlike the first layout plan, the dining space in this one connects the living room and the kitchen. And what’s more, the kitchen comes with an attached space for a nice little balcony.

The pièce de résistance of this layout is that it has a huge master bedroom and a kids’ bedroom – and both come with attached toilets.

A 30 x 54 ft 2 BHK home plan in 1550 sq ft


This 2 BHK layout plan is built 30 x 54 ft, covering an area of 1550 sq ft. The spacious living room even has space for a pooja room – an essential part of many households.

The kitchen too has space to carve out a nice dining room within it.

If your family requires two equal-sized bedrooms with an attached toilet for one, then this layout is ideal for you.

35 x 42 ft 2 BHK house plan under 1500 sq ft – A bungalow lookalike!

This layout gives a 2 BHK the look of a bungalow, with a dimension of 35 x 42 ft covering an area of 1500 sq ft.

The layout includes a spacious living room with an attached dining room and a kitchen appointed with extra space for the utility.

The two bedrooms include a master bedroom for adults and a bedroom for children, along with an attached toilet.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these great floor plans and this quick read has got you closer to imagining what your dream 2BHK should look like. Here’s wishing you build and live in it soon!

Happy decorating, folks!