8 Steps To Declutter Your Living Room in 15 Mins

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

The living room is a place where most of us spend a significant amount of time – working, eating, or essentially unwinding. However, doing these things in a messy room can add to our stress levels. It can be a tough task to keep the living room clean and clutter free. There will always be something or the other that ought to be tossed out; something that is important, however, has turned into a mess or was purchased and never utilized.

How to declutter your living room

In today’s blog, we will uncover how to clean up the living room in 15 mins. Check it out.

All You Need: A garbage bin, a catch-all bin, a recycling bin and a timer.

Step 1:

declutter your living room

Get a bin, big enough to hold things like magazines and books and walk around the room putting anything that seems to be out of place, in the bin. Watch out for anything that doesn’t belong in the living room.

Step 2:

declutter your living room

Next, go through the room, returning everything to its appropriate place.

Step 3:

declutter your living room

Got kids? Put their toys back into the bins, cubbies or chests you keep them in.

Step 4:

declutter your living room

Once done with the above steps, it is time to clear the entertainment area. In the entertainment zone, loosen up and restore any ropes that have been tangled, re-stack DVDs, CDs, and so forth. Now, gather all the remotes and return them to the place or box you store them in. Have a separate space assigned for remotes. This way, you will be able to find the remote, without much of an effort.

Step 5:

declutter your living room

If you are a bookaholic, then chances are, your living area has a cluster of books scattered around. Fix and re-stack them to restore order in the living room.

Step 6:

declutter your living room

Next on the list is the piles of magazines and catalogues you haven’t touched in a month. If you are done with them, then either recycle or donate the magazines. Think about utilizing a tray to house these significant sources of mess.

Step 7:

declutter your living room

If you love spending time in the living room, then you will surely find a blanket or two lying idle in the room. It is time you fold them and put them in their designated space.

Step 8:

declutter your living room
And lastly, hit the coffee table returning everything on top of it to its storage space. Now, finish off by returning everything in the bins to the rooms it should be in.