How Good Is Your Kitchen Storage-Game? We Are Here To Help You Ace It!

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Are you thinking of new ideas on how to make more space in your kitchen?

If yes, then it’s time to get started and deck out those drawers, and cabinets with these simple space-saving ideas.

Get creative and use shelf storage

When it comes to kitchen storage, shelves are the best option. Floating shelves or double-duty shelves can save a lot of space in your kitchen. With a double-duty shelf, you can place all your crockery for display and hang your oven mitts or chopping boards on the lower hooks.

Make the most of kitchen-drawers

Try to invest in good-quality drawer organizers that come with different sections for cutlery and other kitchen items. Find space to store the most-used items so that they can be easily accessible.

Invest in clear canisters

When it comes to pantry staples, storage is very important. It not only saves space, but also keeps food fresh for a longer period. Invest in clear jars and canisters to store food items like pasta, cereals, baking ingredients, and nuts.

Use a pegboard wall

If you’ve got a small kitchen with less storage space, make use of a pegboard wall to store kitchen items like utensils and mugs. You can paint your pegboard in a bright color to enhance its look.

Storage racks

Storage racks can be easily placed in cabinets or on the counter to organize canisters, jars, or spices. These also happen to be easy on the pocket!

Hang pots and pans

Pots and pans can take up too much space in kitchen cabinets. Try hanging them on steady rods with s-shaped hooks to free up cabinet and drawer space.

Over-the-sink drying rack

Over-the-sink drying racks are a lifesaver. They can be easily placed over the sink to dry off your dishes without creating a mess. Drying racks are available in different sizes with compartments for drying cutlery, dishes, plates, bowls etcetera. And you also get ones that can be folded away when not in use!

Storage baskets

Storage baskets are now available in trendy shapes and designs that can make your kitchen space look neat and tidy. These are great for storing fruits, bakery items, or open food packets.

Try vertical storage

Looking to make the best use of your kitchen cabinets? Try shelf risers to increase storage space in your cabinets. Shelf risers can help increase vertical space in your kitchen so that you can make room for all your dishware.


If you liked what you just read, here are a few more tips and tricks, you can use to improve your kitchen storage game and use every nook and corner of your kitchen in the most efficient way. Here are some more kitchen storage ideas that you can use. With a wide range of different storage items, organizing your kitchen is not difficult at all.

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