Colors In The Kitchen: What Should You Choose?

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Whether it’s planning for, preparing, or executing a recipe, every task in the kitchen takes up a substantial amount of your time. You’ll find yourself inevitably spending a couple of hours every day in the kitchen, preparing a quick meal between work calls or an elaborate spread when guests come over. So, shouldn’t the most frequented area of your home match your standards in style?

And making your kitchen an inspiring and delightful space isn’t the Herculean task you think it is. All it needs is a dash of creativity and color!

And like we said, choosing the right color for your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is look at all the options in front of you with a keen and patient eye. There are four parts of your kitchen that you’ll need to decide colors for. First – the cabinets – these make up the largest part of a kitchen. So, they should be the first things to consider when deciding the color scheme.

Next will be the countertops and the floor. You’ll need to keep in mind aesthetics as well as functionality here and choose a color that matches the rest of the elements of your kitchen. Nothing too flashy or overly colorful here. Then come – the appliances. But you don’t necessarily have to match them with your kitchen colors. They can stay neutral. And finally, the walls. As the backdrop, their colors will be crucial to determining the final look of your kitchen. So, choose them carefully.
Here are a few color recommendations from us to help you get closer to your dream kitchen. Read on!

If you want to brighten your kitchen with light colors: here’s what’s trending!

If you’re looking to brighten things up in your small kitchen and are a lover of lighter colors – it’s an absolute win-win – as lighter colors will make your small kitchen look bigger, bringing in more light and spark. Here’s what’s trending in light kitchens:

Dare to go All-White?

This is a timeless color that refuses to go out of vogue. No matter what the style of your kitchen décor is— contemporary, luxurious, simple, elegant — White can blend beautifully with all styles and create a stunning and elegant space.

Bring in the some sunshiny Yellow

Are you a sunny person? Then this color is definitely for your kitchen. Yellow brings with it unabashed cheer and brightness, which you can’t help being affected by, every time you step inside the kitchen. Besides, there are several other colors that you can pair with yellow, white, and grey being the most popular. Try the combination that works for you to make your kitchen look like a piece of contemporary artwork – and a cheerful one at that!

White, Grey, and Brown – used together

However boring this three-tone combination may sound, it’s one of the most interesting color combinations for kitchens. The trio can beautifully brighten up spaces without making things look over-the-top. And the results are absolutely stunning! So, if you’d like to add a touch of class to your cooking space without making it appear too overpowering, this combination is definitely something you should short-list.

White and Green

Green is the color of relaxation and harmony. And coupled with White, it can give absolutely stunning results. This is what makes this duo a popular choice in kitchens. Try it and the Green in the kitchen will keep you feeling at ease while keeping spills and stains in control — and the White will help keep things nice and bright as you cook up a storm!

If you want to go bold with deeper hues, these might be worth a shot!

Dark hues in kitchen design might have been unthinkable a decade ago, but are quite ‘in’ today. And this is especially true for larger kitchens. The right set of dark hues can turn your spacious cooking zone into a space with a distinctive and intense vibe.

Brown and Green

This ultra-chic color combination is a rage among large kitchens. It gives a touch of style to your kitchen without taking away the elegance. We particularly love this one for its brilliant combination of trendy and vintage vibes – all at the same time.

Brown and Deep Blue

If modern elegance could have a face, it would be in Blue and Brown. The pairing of brown and deep blue can spell royalty and opulence in your kitchen interiors. This color combination is a must-try to introduce perfect harmony in your large and bright kitchen. (Yes, natural light is a must if you’re going for darker hues)

Dark Purple and Gold

Rich, dark purple, and gold are the signature colors of grandeur and when they come together in a space, the look isn’t one you can ignore. Let your kitchen don this majestically beautiful color combination and you will be awestruck by its charm, every time you enter it.

These were our recommendations on colors for your kitchen that have worked well in many kitchens across the globe and might be just what your kitchen needs, for a facelift.

Did we miss anything? Let us know of anything you would like to add to our list!