KitchenWise: You Don’t Need These 8 Kitchen Items

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022

Kitchens might as well be clutter magnets, for we cannot resist adding innovative appliances, tools, and other knick-knacks to our kitchen equipment collection. Things can get tricky when we hang on to stuff that we ‘might need someday.’ These items could be anything – from utensils that have been in your family for generations, which you couldn’t get rid of, to paraphernalia you collected to make your work easier but never used.

We are all guilty of holding on to things we don’t need. And that is why we have some kitchen decluttering tips for you.

1. Knife blocks

We agree this bulky contraption has its uses, but a drawer with neatly lined knives does that job better. Keeping so-called handy items on the kitchen counter causes unnecessary clutter; they don’t really add anything to your kitchen. And admit it, even when your knives have blunt edges, you can’t seem to part with your knife block.

2. Rarely used gadgets

It is surprising how you want something so badly that you must have it. However, it is only when you bring it home that you find you have no use for it. Onion choppers are a case in point. You talked yourself into getting one. Now, while you chop your onions on the chopping board, it is the onion chopper shedding tears! The same thing applies to your rice cooker and electric tea kettle. As for the waffle maker, let’s not even go there.

These gadgets take up much-needed space in your kitchen. So, if you have not used them in a while, and don’t plan on using them in the near future, maybe it is time to bid them farewell.

3. Plastic containers

Plastic containers come in irresistible colors and shapes. It is easy to convince yourself you need them when you see the beauty of these little delights. But do you really need them?

Get rid of all plastic containers that are not food grade. This also applies to containers that have been around for a while. The toxins in the plastic can leach into your food, causing health issues. Opt for a few decent glass containers instead. They are safer and more attractive too.

4. Tea sets

A few decades ago, the tea set was a classy way to entertain guests in the afternoon. Today, not so much; the poor tea set is now relegated to the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard.

If you can’t bear to part with your classy set, use it as a decorative display piece in your dining room cabinet. If you have more than one, it is time to wave them a tearful goodbye.

5. Extra coffee mugs

How much is too much? You may as well ask yourself this question as you give your coffee mug collection a baleful eye. Yes, you probably didn’t realize you had that many when you picked up the blue polka dot mugs that were so adorable.

It is time to get over the ‘it’s so cute’ coffee mug obsession and get rid of the extras in your collection. And frankly, they don’t do much for your decor, do they?

6. Old utensils

You probably have a collection of brass and steel patelis your mom-in-law gave you. But do really you want to clutter your cabinets with outdated pots and pans that have seen better days? Rip off the band-aid in one go. It is less painful that way.

7. Old oven mitts

Old oven mitts past their ‘Sell By’ date are a hazard. The wear and tear on the material and stuffing can cause serious burns. Out with the old, in with the new.

8. Spice jar racks

On a scale of one to ten, spice racks are a delightful ten plus. They are a perfect addition to your kitchen counter if you want to rock the style quotient. However, if you have ever used these tiny jars, you know that looks are deceiving. What they promise in looks doesn’t equate to flavor, as some spices lose flavor with time. So if the spices don’t deliver in flavor, why clutter your countertop with these stands?

Final thoughts

Holding on to kitchen items we rarely use makes little sense. Once you declutter your kitchen, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on what you really need. It also cuts down on the time you spend in the kitchen, be it for cooking or cleaning.

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