DesignDossier: How To Incorporate Painted Arches In Your Decor

Last updated on August 18th, 2022

Are you looking to spruce up your living space but don’t want to splurge? Or do you want it to reflect your unique artistic vision? If you fall in either category but don’t want to go overboard with an extensive renovation, painted arches are the solution.

Painted arches are a design scheme adopted by many interior designers who want to give their space a DIY makeover. So take inspiration from the experts and add your own spin to the painted arches by following this step-by-step guide. Before incorporating painted arches in your design scheme, here are four things to consider.

Choosing a Suitable Location for the Design

The first step toward incorporating painted arches is choosing the right location. Arches are an excellent architectural tool as they draw a lot of focus in the room. Hence, think of a space in the room where you want people’s attention to go, and choose that spot as your canvas. For example, if your blank walls are pastel or neutral color and are mostly blank, then you can pick the best space with ease.

This versatile design can also take attention away from some unsightly features in your space. So you can also use arches to disguise unflattering elements. For instance, if a particular section of the wall can’t be redeemed by furniture or other pieces of decor, then go for painted arches.

Selecting the Right Color

If you are not very artistic or experienced with interior designing, you can always choose more pastel or neutral hues to keep it simple and pleasing. Alternatively, you can try and match the color of the arch with other decorative items in your room. Take inspiration from your decor and try to recreate that hue on your blank canvas. Of course, there are no right or wrong options here, so you can even go for bolder colors to create a stunning contrast with the surrounding walls.

Lastly, painted arches allow you to experiment with the room’s color scheme. If you want to repaint the entire room, but are not fully committed to a color, try it out here and see how it looks.

Experimenting with Furniture Arrangement/Decor

Do you have a desk, sofa set, dresser, or furniture that looks odd in the room? Now is the time to highlight them with a painted arch. Push the furniture pieces till they are flush to the wall, with the arch acting as a tasteful background. For the best aesthetic outcome, ensure that the furniture’s edge is in line with the edge of the arch, which might require some prior planning.

If highlighting furniture doesn’t seem appealing, go for an open shelf or shelves within the arch. Turn the space into an attractive bookshelf or highlight your decorative pieces there. The bottom line is that there are myriad ways to experiment with painted arches.

Things to Avoid While Painting Arches

Making a game plan that can help you paint arches beautifully is important. One of the most important things to avoid while painting arches is the use of unclean tools. If you are using a paint roller, remove all the lint from it. Covering the roller using painter’s tape is also highly recommended.

It is also necessary to avoid using the paintbrush directly (if you are going with a paintbrush and not rollers) because it can lead to mistakes. Using a sponge to draw the outline is highly recommended.

If you are reading this blog a bit too late and have already painted with a roller that had lint on it, you can use high grit sandpaper to try and remove it.

Painted arches are a perfect addition to any living area due to their simplicity and versatility. Also, fashioning a painted arch or arches for your living space is a simple task that only requires a little planning and foresight. However, the most important thing to remember is to be creative and have fun with this little interior design project.

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