Jewel Tone Mastery: Decorating With Rich Hues Like A Pro!

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023

Move over neutrals, jewel-tone hues have landed! Yes, while neutrals may never completely release their hold on the mindset of the masses, the enlightened and the adventurous are looking at new pastures to satisfy their urge for newness. And jewel tone shades fit the bill.

So, what are jewel-toned hues, and how is it possible to use these vibrant shades in your home decor without going into a tizzy? Well, we are ready to answer these questions and more. To find out how to add a bit of boldness to your home and hearth, check out these interesting ideas. But first, let’s define jewel-tone colors.

What Are Jewel-toned Colors?

As the name suggests, jewel-tone shades personify the boldness of stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and topaz, to name a few. These shades are rich and delicious. And they have a lot of depth too, making them perfect when you want to make a style statement or create a bit of drama. Other shades you should be looking at? You can go for vibrant yellow and fuchsia.

However, getting the color proportions right is essential, or you will end up with an unsightly interior. The trick is to pair these bold in-your-face shades with beige, gray, or white to bring out the richness of the shade without overwhelming you and your design.

Let the Color Wheel Help You

You will find a color wheel on the internet, and having a printout handy will be a blessing when you decide to take this route. The color wheel is simple to use; just pick the shade directly opposite your favorite and you will find a shade that will match it. The common pairings? Red and green. Yellow and violet. Blue and orange. This doesn’t mean you have to use both of these shades with their intensity. You can play with different tones of the matching shade to give a neat balance to your decor. However, there are many other color combinations apart from the complementary colors, and with Google at your disposal, you have it in the bag.

Blissful Blue and Red

Blue and red are popular and safe to use. Let the blue rule the space, with red playing the supporting role. But, if you dare, splurge your walls with red and let the magic unfold. You will need plenty of gray or beige accents and furniture to tone down this in-your-face look. Don’t be afraid to add hints of orange or brown to your decor.

Gorgeous Greens and Blues

Do we detect a bit of hesitancy with these loud shades? We don’t blame you. But hey, you can still achieve miraculous results with green and blue. These colors tick the boxes where this trend is concerned, and the chances of messing up your decor decrease drastically. So, how do you play this combination? Use beige as a backdrop and introduce green and blue elements into the space. Or go for a blue backdrop and add lime green sofas for a bold statement. But hey, it’s your call.

The Lure of Topaz Yellow

Yellow is radiant, it’s exhilarating. And it is just the thing to add a bit of pep into your demeanor. So, how do you play this shade without going round the bend? For the subtle route, go for a neutral backdrop and add accents of yellow to the decor. If you dare, then it’s pullout-all-the-stops time. Go crazy with your yellows, greens, pinks, and orange for an astounding look.

Romance Your Reds

Red spells romance, but it also shows strength of character. To imbibe the joy of this exuberant shade, splash your walls in red. Complete this with grey or beige sofas. Toy with shades of dull green or patterns to complete this exciting look.

Our Thoughts

There is never a dull moment when you use these wonderful shades in your home design. What’s more, you need not go all the way if you don’t want to. A sofa or some accessories are enough to put your point across. For more tips on colors and how to use them, check out We have a treasure trove of articles, so make sure to browse through them before you decide!