How To Pick A Decorating Colour Scheme For Your Home

Last updated on July 6th, 2023

There are many elements at play in bringing together your home decor. One of the most important factors is color. What shades you use and how you use them can have a dramatic impact on your home’s design.

So, what are the things that you should keep in mind before picking a shade? We have a few interesting options for you to consider. Before we proceed, here’s the thing. Fluidity is important, and using the same basic shades throughout your space will amp up the look of your home. For more tips, read on!

Play with adjacent colors

So, how do you pick the colors? The easiest and safest way is to check the color wheel. Picking two adjacent colors such as blue and blue-green, green and yellow-green, or yellow-orange and orange on the wheel will do the trick. Shades of beige and mushroom with accents of wood in the furniture will make your job simple, as it will look beautiful no matter how you play it.

Once you have chosen your shades, you can decide which will be the hero of your decor. You can work the other shade into your furniture and accents. Wooden furniture will take it to the next level. Dark or light wood works with most colors, so you have no problem there.

Bold modern look

If you love the vibrancy of bright colors, let shades of red, orange, and yellow reflect your personality in the decor. We suggest lime green, yellow, and turquoise blue for a bold approach. For a toned-down look with a pop of color, try navy with orange or orange with light gray. Your add-on shades can be dark or light wood tones, and throw cushions can complement your chosen colors. Embellish with plants, lamps, and area rugs.


Most interior designers swear by the charm of monochromes. Once you see these images, it’s easy to understand why. Black accents such as cushions, patterned rugs, or lampshades bring out the charm of this bold, no-nonsense shade with aplomb. Stripes or patterns on your bed cover also define this exuberant color scheme.

If you dare, use black wall paint on your accent wall for breathtaking decor. Embellish it with gray or beige sofas. Black accents will bring balance to this magnificent decor. And hey, brass or gold light fittings may just be the thing for your lovely monochrome look.

Define the functionality

Before you jump the gun, think about the space and how it is going to be used. Is it a master bedroom? Or are your teenage kids going to use it? And if it’s your nursery, your color palette has to suit the needs of the occupant. By and large, soothing colors such as grays, blues, and greens are ideal for your bedroom.

For your living room, you can indulge yourself with neutrals or vibrant reds and rusts, depending on your mood. Blues and pinks were nursery staples for decades. Today, designers experiment with gorgeous shades such as gray and pink with astounding success. So, take your pick. They are all winners.

Three colors

Why stop at two when you can have three shades in your room? A play of three colors adds to the rhythm of the design, giving you outstanding results. Shades of navy work best with gray and beige. Peach and beige dance to the tune of muddy pink or maroon accents. But they like a touch of dull green too. The easiest to play with is a combination of turquoise blue with gray and navy blue. You will find more exciting pairs at this link.

Summing up

The problem with these gorgeous color schemes is you love them all and can’t decide which one to pick. Well, we can’t help you there. Go with what your heart tells you, and you will be fine. At, we love to experiment with different colors and combinations. To learn more about colors and how to come to a decision, go through our website. There are umpteen articles on color to make your job easier. Have fun picking colors that speak your language!