6 Insanely Good DIY Christmas Décor Ideas You’ll Want To Try This Year!

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

Ready for Christmas? Of course, you are. Who wouldn’t be, after the crazy year we’ve all had, locked mostly indoors!

Are you also ready to spend tons of money on festive décor? Well, you don’t need to be, for in this quick read, we offer you ways to create some stylish festive décor right at home, and without having to spend a pretty penny (and have loads of fun with your kids, in the process)
Read on if you want to create a gorgeous, Christmas-y atmosphere at home that’ll leave you starry-eyed!

1. Create a Minimalistic twig tree!

Here’s a minimalistic décor idea that’ll add tons of class to any surface in your home. Find a nice, strong tree branch, spray-paint it in white or silver, set it in a glass vase, and accessorize it with plenty of mini-ornaments.
This tree is super easy to make. And the best part? You don’t have to water it!

2. Make stunning lantern displays

Yet another great way to DIY stylish Christmas décor is to fill lanterns with Christmas baubles and ornaments and place them in different areas of the house. Wondering why you never thought of this? Well, that’s what we’re here for!

3. Display a mason jar Christmas tree!

Here’s a fantabulous idea to beautify your entryway or doll up a console table. Fill six mason jars with small Christmas ornaments, assemble the jars in a pyramid, finally adding a star on top. Place a few candy canes and pine cones around your pyramid for added effect. Done!

4. Sprinkle some uber-chic rustic twig ornaments

Make simple ornaments out of twigs and twine and hang them from doorknobs, Christmas trees or use them as gift embellishments! Groovy idea, isn’t it?

5. Don’t forget to say it with festive cushions

Why should your couch be devoid of Christmas cheer? Enliven it by swapping your regular cushion covers with those in shimmery red and silver!

6. Count down to Christmas with a lightbox

To make an eye-catching statement this year, do something totally different with your Christmas tree! Place a lightbox under the tree along with the Christmas presents and count down days on it, until Christmas! If you’re wondering what a lightbox is, look at the image. Imagine your Christmas tree with the lightbox underneath it saying ‘10 days to Christmas’! Lovely idea, isn’t it?
Merry Christmas everyone! Do watch this space closely for more Christmas-y and fun ideas.