Dussehra Décor: Festive Flair For Your Abode

Last updated on October 18th, 2023

When good triumphs over evil, you want to pull out all the stops to bring fervor to the celebrations. While platters of jalebis and mithai are a given, you need to take it a step further by decorating your space with as much gusto. And with Diwali just around the corner, why not polish your decorating skills?

To bring the essence of the celebration into your home, you can try a few of these interesting ideas, or if you have some up your sleeve, you can use them too. So, what are the choices? Let’s find out.

Titillate your senses with aroma

There is nothing quite like the aroma at the local halwai shop during Dussehra. While you would love to bring back all that is on the shelves, let’s figure out more ways to add to the aroma of the festive season. While scented candles do the trick, incense sticks bring out the essence of our tradition and culture and give a spiritual vibe to the home. However, if you are hung up on scented candles, go for it. It’s about what makes you happy.

Spruce up your front entrance

Your front entrance is the first port of call for your visitors. so keep it well-decorated with potted plants, Ganapati idols, and marigold torans; these are just a few options. Go all out with marigold flowers on your front porch and your main gate. Pots of flowers and brass bells are a welcome change too. A rangoli on the doorstep will take your decor to the next level. Marigold Rangolis will do for now, as you may want to save the best for Diwali!

Play dress-up!

Donning your favorite Banarasi silk saris is one of the perks of festivals. So, go ahead and make yourself look beautiful. But while you are at it, go to town with your home decorations as well. Dress up your home with flowers, lights, and diyas. Brass diya holders are to die for, so try to get your hands on them on your next shopping trip.

A rich spread of mithai

Lights and flowers can do their bit for the festive day, but where would we be without our sugar fix? Chocolates just don’t cut it, when you have loads of mouthwatering mithai to savour. Do try to leave a few for your guests to sample! And yes, spruce up your table decor and present them in interesting platters.

It’s time to pep up the puja room

Dussehra is more than just decorating your home. It’s also about fighting your battle with negative forces. And that begins at home and within your soul. To bring out the best in you, a pooja is essential. Make sure to deck up your deity in finery and embellish the setting with bells, flowers, and fruits.

Some decorating tips you may want to try

  • A brass cauldron is the perfect receptacle for floating candles and flowers.

  • A toran of brass bells is magical, as are brass chimes to bring positivity into your home.

  • Add some traditional flavor to your decor with cushions made from old brocade saris.

  • You can use the leftover brocade to make interesting frames for your living room.

  • Traditional Kutchi embroidery or lamps are a fascinating way to amp up the look.

  • Dress up your scented candles with a bit of lace.

  • If you are entertaining, use banana leaves to serve your meal for a traditional touch.

  • Hunt for dressy artifacts to add to the appeal.

  • Mirrorwork or pichwai paintings will give the right touch to announce the festivities in your home.

  • A medley of traditional embroidered floor cushions will be the perfect setting for your party.

Our thoughts

Festivals such as Dussehra are part of our rich heritage. To bring out the flavor, use traditional elements from the diverse hot pot of styles, colors, and art forms to make this Dussehra a memorable experience. For tips on home decor for festivals and spring cleaning, homebliss.in is the website of your choice. Log in to find out more.