8 Creative Shoe-Storage DIYs That We Bet You Haven’t Seen Before!

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

If you love matching your shoes with every outfit you wear, then you must also be aware of the amount of space and care that your precious shoe collection requires!

Here are 8 unusual and creative ways to keep your mounting collection of shoes not just safe but also display them in style!

1.  Make use of all those ready-to-be-thrown-away wooden crates lying in your house to build an open shoe storage (use your carpenter if need be) unit like this one, give it a coat of paint and you have built yourself a nice, large shoe storage unit, just like that!

Courtesy: jenwoodhouse.com

2. PVC pipes can be magical! Use them to organize your shoes by stacking them like this and using synthetic adhesive to hold them together.  You can even paint them and give your show storage a fresh look and feel.

Courtesy: trends4us.com

3.  Or, you can use some hang molding, paint it in a nice color and create rows and rows of storage space for your precious babies!

Courtesy: brit.co

4. Or better yet, use the space behind doors to store your favorite shoes in a hanging organizer like this one.

Courtesy: Yandex.ru

5. You can also use the entryway wall to build a hanging shoe storage unit like this one.

Courtesy: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

6. Or make use of any unused space in your home, by having your local handyman device a shoe-rack like the one you see here, with just a few copper pipes, and created extra shoe storage for shoes that you only use occasionally.

Courtesy: freshcrush.com

7.  If you have an old bookshelf that you aren’t using anymore, transform it into a shoe organizer. You can even give it a fresh coat of a vibrant paint, and store your shoes in style!

Courtesy: The Spruce

8. Or, just have your local fabricator make an iron grid like the one you see here, and use it to store your shoes.

Courtesy: burkatron.com