Storage Alert: 8 Unconventional Bathroom Storage Ideas!

Last updated on December 31st, 2021

Furniture in the bathroom? Yes, furniture in the bathroom. Let’s get those blinkers off, and think a wee bit out-of-the-box, and look at a few creative ways of bringing in some extra storage space and order in your bathroom. And yes, we almost forgot, oodles of style!

Check out these 8 rather unconventional ways of adding storage to your bathroom and prepare to get more than inspired!

1. A Ladder Shelf

It is amazing to see how a ladder can be used as a storage option! Instead of going for the conventional bathroom storage unit, go for a chic ladder shelf. Style plus storage!

2. A Bar Cart

Squeeze in a chic bar cart in your bathroom as an extra storage option! Besides offering additional space for storing towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials, these four-wheeled marvels can be moved around in your bathroom and fit into any cramped corner easily.

3. A Small Bookcase

A small bookshelf can work for nearly any room of your house, including your storage-deprived bathroom! Be it a small open bookshelf or one with doors; bookshelves are an excellent way to squeeze in more storage without taking up a huge amount of floor space!

4. A Tall Corner-Shelf

A tall corner-shelf can sit in a corner of your bathroom and quietly add to the storage capacity of your bathroom drawers and shelves. Think of investing in one, if your bathroom floor space allows it!

5. A Cabinet with a Hutch

If you have a spacious bathroom, get a cabinet with a hutch to expand the storage capacity of your bathroom.

6. A Rolling Cart

This one’s a nifty idea for sure. Get a rolling cart for your bathroom and start storing towels, your make-up routine essentials, and other knick-knacks that you want to have easy access to, near the basin!

7. A Slatted Bed Base

Have a slatted bed frame from your old bed or a crib that your child has stopped using? Create vertical storage space in your bathroom by hanging it on a wall like this!

8. A Large Basket

You can also place a large, attractive basket in the bathroom to keep dirty laundry in, till it’s laundry day!

Happy decorating, folks!