Have You Been Making These 10 Decor Mistakes?

Last updated on February 18th, 2022

Have you ever walked into a seemingly beautiful room and felt that something in it seems a bit off? A lot of times, despite beautiful décor elements, misplaced furniture, and incorrect lighting can make a space look all wrong. This is why, décor isn’t just about buying the right things, but also knowing how much to buy and how to place everything aesthetically.

Let’s look at a few décor mistakes that people with even good taste sometimes make and how to avoid making them.

1.  Pushing Furniture Against The Walls

Many people make the mistake of pushing their furniture all the way up to the wall! This ends up creating a very stilted sitting arrangement, which is hardly conducive for a conversation. Create conversation nooks with furniture instead, so that people don’t have discomfort while being seated and when trying to have a conversation.

2. Blocking Window

 Courtesy: zillow

Natural light should be plentiful in every part of the house and it is almost a cardinal sin to have your furniture blocking it in anyway. And if there’s no choice, make sure you substitute the absence of light with enough lighting in the room and mirrors to expand the space and make it look brighter.

3. Crowding A Room With Too Much Furniture

If you have too much furniture, get rid of some. Don’t put everything you have on display. It’ll only make the room appear cluttered and over-done.

4. Forgetting to Divide the Room

If you have a large-ish living room, make sure you separate the areas based on the activity that takes place there primarily. You can divide the living room into a seating area, an entertainment area, and a dining area.

5. Having An Arrangement That Doesn’t Encourage Easy Conversation

We often make the mistake of arranging furniture pieces away from each other making them awkward to have a conversation on.  While arranging furniture, it is important to ensure that the couch and chairs are facing each other and not very far from each other, so that your guests don’t have to speak loudly, lean forward, or crane their necks to have a conversation.

6. Having More Than One Focal Point

 Courtesy: xboxhut

Each room must have a focal point because it gives the eye something to settle on and an element to arrange furniture around. While creating a focal point when none exists in a room is important, it is also important to not have more than one focal point in a setting as it gets difficult and too busy for the eyes.

7. Making Movement Difficult

Courtesy: homedit

It’s important to leave space in a room for free movement and ensure that the furniture arrangement doesn’t hinder it in any way. Leave plenty of free space in high traffic areas making sure no one has any trouble moving from one part of the house to another without bumping into a furniture piece.

8. Settling For Tubelights

Lights aren’t just an accessory, but the most vital aspects of décor, although very few people realize this. If you have tube lights and naked bulbs in your home, it’s time for them to go. Instead of the regular lights invest in a unique table lamp that goes with your couch, or a reading lamp next to the bookshelf to add some mood lighting to your room. You can also think of spotlights to highlight the artwork.

9. Investing In Oversized Furniture

Bigger isn’t always better. Oversized furniture has a way of making the most spacious of rooms look cramped and poorly done. Get furniture that can be moved around and doesn’t just stand in one place forever, as there’s not enough space for it anywhere else in the room, in case you want to rearrange the furniture.

10. Making Do With Aging Furniture Pieces

Nothing makes a room feel more awkward than a worn-out and visibly aging piece of furniture. Either replace it with a new piece or get creative and reupholster old pieces with bright, patterned fabrics. You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll bring to the setting.