6 New Uses of Old Bedsheets

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Let’s admit, we all have come across this question, “What should I do with the old bedsheets?” We all have a set of old bedsheets that have seen better days. It’s a common item you can find in your linen cupboard – maybe you’ve kept it for sentimental reasons, or perhaps, it is still in usable condition. Whatever the reason might be, there are many things that you can do with your old bedsheets, once they’re past their prime. Here’s a list of 6 new uses of old bedsheets.

1. Use it as a drop cloth

It can be really useful to keep an old bed sheet in your car for emergencies. What if you need to change a tire on your way to work? You can spread the old bed sheet on the ground to keep yourself clean while working to keep your clothes from getting dirty. What’s more, you can even use the bed sheet to wipe off your dirty hands or to absorb unavoidable spillage in the car.

2. Turn it into a shopping bag

The world is taking up green initiatives. Then why are you still stuck with those age-old plastic bags! Use your old bedsheets to carve out reusable shopping bags. All you need is an old bedsheet, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread to make a grocery bag.

3. Use old bedsheets as cleaning rags

This is probably one of the oldest methods of reusing and repurposing old clothes – cut them into small square pieces and use them as cleaning rags.

4. Give it to your pet

Don’t know what to do with your old bedsheets? Give one of them to your pet! Your furry friend will love to sleep in something that smells like its favorite human. In case you have an anxious pet at home, this trick will help calm him down when you are not around.

5. Repurpose them into curtains

Have old bedsheets in pristine condition? Why not turn them into curtains! Find a tailor to get this job done. Or, in case you are feeling somewhat crafty, think of sewing the curtains on your own.

6. Donate them

If you have bedsheets that are still in usable condition, consider donating them!