6 Sensational Curtain Ideas. When Are You Switching Yours?

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

Drapes add life to a dull space. Try removing your curtains for a day and see the difference! But that doesn’t mean just hanging any curtains.

With the right kind of curtains, you can set the mood that you desire in your space. Read on to know 6 stunning ways to do it!

1. Two-tone Curtains

Two-tone curtains or color-blocked curtains, which are quite the rage right now, are a fantastic way to introduce colors and class into a space. These curtains are made from two solid colors sewn together, one of them dark and the other light. Adding a real designer element to a space, these curtains lend structure and height to a room. If you like things customized, you can use any two colors figuring prominently in your interiors and create your own dual-tone curtains. (With some help from the local tailor of course)

2. Stripes

Small spaces tend to look larger with stripes. Whether you choose curtains in monochrome or more colorful ones, they are going to add a certain oomph factor to your interiors either way!

3. Prints

Chevron, floral or geometric – prints can jazz up a dull space in minutes. Just make sure you don’t overdo them in a space. If you’re going for printed curtains, keep your other soft furnishings neutral and muted to create the right effect that doesn’t feel overpowering.

4. Metallics

Add a little bit of bling to your interiors with curtains in metallic shades. Choose subtle shades so that they add the right amount of pizazz without getting overwhelming.

5. Sheers

Sheers are perfect for the living room as they can give you the required privacy without blocking the light. Use it in your bedroom only if you like a super-bright bedroom during the day and a light and breezy one at night.

6. Velvets

Although not a great idea in the living room, as they tend to make spaces darker even during the daytime, they’re perfect for bedrooms or the entertainment area to create a rich, plush look.

Ready to swap curtains then?