Are You Making Your Home Look Messy With These Décor Mistakes?

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

Let’s admit it. We all spend a great deal of time on keeping our house clean, and the last thing we want is for our décor choices to contribute to a messy-looking home. But it’s quite easy to go overboard with decorating and end up with a cluttered space that looks messy despite our endless efforts to keep it tidy.

But that’s where we come in! To help you create a space that looks polished and uncluttered, here’s a list of 6 common decorating mistakes that could be giving your home a messy look. Just read on and make sure you aren’t making any of them!

1. Wall-Art Hung Randomly

Pictures and wall art are an important décor element and a lot of careful thought needs to go into where they’re used in your home. Hung in a haphazard fashion, they can create a chaotic look and can overwhelm a space. Give your home an organized and balanced look with artwork grouped in a gallery wall instead.

2. Too Many Colors

Another common mistake in home decor is trying to incorporate too many colors in a space – which only makes the space look cluttered and overwhelming. Just use one or two hues and combine them with plenty of neutrals for a cohesive and relaxed look that’s easy on the eyes.

3. Too Much Open Storage

Open shelving works best when books and artwork displayed on it aren’t overcrowded and have enough breathing room. The idea is not to pack every inch of available space with books and accessories. Also avoid using open storage for electronics, cables, and toys. The best for these is inside cabinets or baskets so that they don’t clutter the place, visually.

4. Too Many Accent Pillows

Although accent pillows are a great way to add color and texture to a space, too many pillows create an untidy and haphazard look. Limit your throw pillows to two or three on each end of the sofa for a perfectly balanced look.

5. Furniture Placed Wrongly

Unlike what we like to think, arranging furniture against the walls doesn’t create space, but only makes a setting look messy. Pull the furniture away from the walls and create conversation nooks instead. You can tie the pieces together with an area rug under them.

6. Too Many Accents On Tables

Too many accents on a table can make the best arrangements look cluttered. Leave just one or two groupings of items on the table by limiting the display to what you love and what is functional. You can use a bowl to group small objects and elevate smaller elements on a stack of books to make it look purposeful.

Happy decorating everyone!