Are You Making These 7 Storage Mistakes?

Last updated on April 21st, 2022

With the ever-decreasing square footage, it is becoming even more challenging to find space for everything you own. And, if you stay in a small apartment, where space is precious, your problem increases all the more.

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Even if you find space to stuff all your belongings, how are you going to make your space feel like a home and not a warehouse? And that is where we come in! In today’s blog, we will discuss the common storage mistakes you make while arranging your home. Read on, to know more.

1. Just Considering Floor Space, Not the Wall Space!

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to storing your household things, vertical space is your best option. You might not have the floor space for an additional cabinet, however, you can likely use an empty wall space to hang some shelves. Now, you can store everything - from kitchen utensils like pots and pans to outdoor essentials like umbrellas and bags.

2. Having little closed storage

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

It is true that open storage units like floating shelves and clothing racks are a great way to add potential storage in your home. However, if you store all the things that you possess in the open, chances are, your house might appear cluttered. We suggest including some closed-door closets, cupboards, and drawers to conceal the most unattractive mess. In case you have a lot of open storage, get similar-looking wicker baskets or boxes to hide away things.

3. Not Planning Enough Storage

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us make this common storage mistake: While moving into a new house, you are most likely to analyze the storage needs, based on that moment itself (like cupboards, shoe racks, etc.). However, remember that while living there, you are most likely going to get more books, clothes, shoes, and different things. Unless you’re super watchful and get rid of older stuff before you buy something new, you should design some additional storage right at the beginning.

4. Depending On One Type or Size Of Storage

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Just like not everything that you own is the same size, your storage doesn’t need to be either. A blend of sizes and types of storage units can help you tackle your storage plight.

5. Disregarding The Space Up Top

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a great deal of space that you haven’t even considered. You might be using the top of the fridge to store kitchen knick-knacks, but what about the empty space over the cupboard? Our home is filled with lots of storage possibilities, and if you are struggling with storage space, then it is time you exploit it all.

6. Overlooking Narrow Spaces

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a lot of storage space available in your house, that can be squeezed out of tight corners. For example, in a small living room, a big table near the door will make the entryway appear cramped! Instead, try using a narrow table. Use the table-top to keep a lamp and photo frames, and use the bottom of the table to keep a storage basket where you can dump all your outdoor essentials.

7. Picking Single-Purpose Furniture

6 Storage Mistakes to Avoid

The best storage pieces are those that can be used in numerous ways for organizing, utilizing, and camouflaging things. Hence, opt for multipurpose furniture like storage-enabled beds, a coffee table with a hidden storage unit etc.

Happy storing, folks!