10 Decor Ideas For Rental Apartments

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Staying in a rental apartment has its own perks – you have the flexibility to change your home any day and you don’t need to pay property taxes and EMIs. But, there is one big drawback of staying in a rented apartment – you cannot decorate it the way heart desires! Either your landlord would have prohibited you from making any holes on the walls, or changing the colors of the wall – there is always some or the other restriction that stands in the way!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn the house into a home! In today’s blog, we talk about 10 decor ideas especially meant for rental apartments that will turn your home from dull and boring to hip and snazzy!

1. Find Alternate Painting Options

Staying in a rental apartment can be tricky, as most of the landlords don’t allow their tenants to paint the walls. And, if you happen to face such an issue, then it’s time you tried other painting options. If you cannot paint the walls of the apartment, then think of infusing colors into the décor by painting the furniture pieces. Here, a dull living room with white walls gets its pops of color from the newly-painted cabinet. The peach-colored cabinet brings in a fresh vibe to the room and the patterned cushion cover adds to the decor of the room.

2. Think Open Storage

One of the biggest challenges everyone staying in a rental apartment faces is the huge lack of storage. Since it is a rental apartment, you don’t have a say on the storage options. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on storage! A simple industrial-styled open storage unit can sort much of your storage!

3. Cover the Floor with Rugs & Carpets

Often in rental apartments, you have to make do with whatever you are getting with the deal. In case you don’t like the flooring in your new house, then think of other creative options. For instance, you can mask the ugly floor by placing an extra-large carpet, or if the room is small, think of a small rug that takes center stage!

4. Find Workarounds

Staying in a rented apartment has its own advantages, however, some elements can pose a decor challenge. Rather than cribbing about something you don’t like, embrace it and find a clever way to work around it. For example, if you hate the shower area, then think of hiding it by hanging nice-looking shower curtains.

5. Get Creative

In case your rented apartment doesn’t have a designated entryway, then think of creating one on your own. Here, the tenant has turned an old bookshelf into a stunning entryway unit by simply placing it horizontally! The hollow sections of the shelf serve as spots to store and keep shoes in place, whereas the top of the unit acts as a seating option.

6. Add Mirrors

When staying in a rented apartment, mirrors are your best friend. They reflect light and make a space to feel bigger. Hang a huge mirror in your dining space, living room, or bedroom opposite a window, so it is in a prime position to receive natural light and reflect it into the room.

7. Create A Focal Point

Transform your TV unit into a focal point of the living room. Hang framed artwork behind the TV to outline it. The artwork will help draw the eyes to the TV, making it the focal point of the room.

8. Cozy & Chic Dining

Turn a cramped dining area into a stunning one by just using a couple of smart tricks. Make use of clear seats or a glass-top table to make the space feel bigger, hang some pretty curtains, and change the lighting.

9. Add Color with Curtains

Turn your rental apartment into a luxurious one by just adding gorgeous drapes in the room. Curtains not only give you privacy but also add personality and pop of color to a bland-looking room.

10. Add Some More Lights

Great lighting can totally change a room, and it doesn’t really need to be hardwired into the! Invest in lights to place on end tables, and side tables. Position floor lamps to lighten up dull corners and hang wall sconces in lobbies or above couches.

Rental or own – we all need beautiful happy spaces to wake up in, every day!

Happy decorating folks!